Scam Exploit ! (help on how to resolve?)

Yes that has been brought up already, we’re still looking through the code to find where it got down, but the plugin is already removed.


There are YouTube videos on this, but recently (and probably by no coincidence) an exploit managed to make people buy expensive items (made by the exploiter of course) just by clicking the “play” button. This took Robux from people without them even noticing. I’m going to assume that this is related to your (and many others’) problem.

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Roblox Admins are probably aware of this issue, this is a Roblox scripting backdoor, even with no free models, plugins, etc. This is obviously a group of hackers who know what they are doing, if Roblox Admins look at this I hope they resolve this quick as this issue can grow to big games like BrookHaven, Adopt Me, etc with easy people to target who do not know better.

I think this issue is weird but as someone who has no idea on scripting this is just my opinion on this issue.


Let’s hope they are, or whoever’s running this can freely take people’s robux. Also, the shirt is made by a shady group.

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Try to detect the gui using a script and shut down the server or destroy it, this could be a solution


We havent had anymore reports since yesterday

Kicking players DOES work, Though it won’t show the kick message as the core guis crashed

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Theres quite a few replies and I’m not here to look at all of them haha, so I’ll just say what I think.

This is 100% a “virus” obtained from a free model or one of your developers (including you) have a malicious plugin that inserts this into every game they have access to develop in. Unless someone has a serverside backdoor in your game, this is not from a player, more a script.

This usually (in my case) redirects people to a Loading game where it would non-stop keep them in this game, I assume for Premium Payouts which they would get a hefty amount of robux from.

The best you can do is uninstall all unknown plugins from your account and ask your developers or anyone who has access to the game to do the same. Then spend about 2 hours just looking for unknown scripts, they usually nickname them something like RobloxCore or RobloxEngine, or Vaccine? I’m not sure on the backdoor trends these days lol.

If possible, start a fresh new baseplate and copy everything over that you 100% trust, and then try that, if that still does this, that means, you’ve got your hands on a convincing backdoor, just look through all them trying to see which one is doing this.

No client-sided exploit (like Synapse X) can do this as I’m aware.


i feel so bad for every on who literally has been robbed out of there ROBUX hope Roblox fixes this quick


My game also haven’t recieved any reports since then. I’ll still stay up to if something else happens.

Hello everyone reading this including OP.

DISABLE Allow Third Party Teleports AND Allow Third Party Sales RIGHT NOW!!!




Here is a post in more detail to help you with removing this virus from your game. Malicious code is able to show UI over the purchase prompt, and trick users into purchasing items - #11 by AsynchronousMatrix

Which plugins have you enabled “Script Injection” permission?

i don’t think it is the datastore one,
it doesnt require any permissions so its impossible for a virus to get in your game

Doubt its a backdoor, but an exploit running within you’re scripts, do continue checking… Though it could be that it’s Hooking - Wikipedia, meaning the studio you’re using has been hooked with some kind of modifier, try copying and pasting scripts into a machine other than the publisher machine see if it works.

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I looked for some plugins called “Datastore Editor” and there are many created by ufyfyugyu (not just 1, a lot) that contain some suspicious code, even that of QualityPlugins (edit: he spammed plugins too), and all of them have been updated 1 or 2 weeks ago … it doesn’t seem strange? they all have the same structure but some scripts change

ufyfyugyu plugins:
this is very suspicious…
the required code its all obfuscated and it contains a loadstring module too

QualityPlugins plugin:
all obfuscated

I don’t know if one of these could be the cause, but it is still very suspicious

sorry for the bad english


weird, my game we don’t have anything related to datastore and i got that pop up.

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from what your also suggesting my concerns are rising

I had this issue before on my old laptop, now that im on my new laptop never had the problem since, if it is a what i’m suggesting then uninstall Roblox Studio and get fresh install, its a hustle but might work…

Funny that I see said shirt is made by ‘CMD-X’, it’s actually a very popular admin command exploit script. (As context, I asked an exploiter in crossroads about a week ago what script he was using and he said this one.)

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