Scavenger Hunt Simulator - Devs needed!


My name is forgotlogic and I am using the platform to create a new game Scavenger Hunt Simulator.
The storyline will be provided via. direct messages as this will have a story & open world concept.

We are currently attempting to fill the spots shown below, this shows availability:

Scripters: 2/3
UI Designers: 0/2
Builders: 1/3
3D Modelers: 0/3
Sound Designers: 0/1

Payment & Contact Information

Payment will be percentage based, the percentage you get is negotiable through private/direct messages. Please ensure that you are above the age of thirteen and you contact me through either the DevForum or via. ChairAdministrator#1234

I hope to see you soon!


I am interested for the 3D Modeler Position, please add me in Discord RocketScript#4204 for further discussion.

Here is my portfolio: Advanced Low-Poly and Mid-Poly Modeler for Hire! (CLOSED)

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