[SCI-FI] Builders Needed For Advanced Sci-Fi FPS Shooter

Builder Recruitment

Hello, I am the owner of “Tuley Digital,” and we are working on making the most advanced Sci-Fi FPS Shooter on Roblox.

What are we making?

We are in the process of developing a fast-paced game that utilizes a fewer player count to hopefully gain traction for our group. This new game is known as “Capella’s Edge” which is a Sci-Fi FPS shooter, which will contain advanced scripts to make the game unique upon any Roblox game. This FPS Sci-Fi shooter will have space fighters you can fly around and shoot, “ground” vehicles, such as tanks and transport vehicles you can drive around in, dual rendered scopes, and even crafting. This game will be like no other, and we hope you can join us on this development.

Why do we need builders?

We need objects and items made. Such items we need help with are making space ships, a giant space station, and also futuristic tanks and transport vehicles. There are additional items we need made, but most importantly we want creative thinkers who want their creative mind to roam free with Sci-Fi items.

What will you receive?

We will give you a percentage profit of the game based upon your work. Once the game is out there you will obtain a recurring profit.

I want to join the development team, where do I start?

If you are interested, DM me and we can discuss how you can take part of a team. We are looking for 3 advanced builders, we will not be accepting any more once we get enough

Who is in the team already?

Our team consists of a small group of individuals:

  • mrfrogg1 (Leader/Scripter)
  • matthewthao00 (Builder)
  • Bablez1233 (Tester/Co-Builder)
  • AssortedRamboST (Tester)

I am skeptical, and need proof of the team's level of building and coding.

If you want to see the first game we developed, join this game and see how it looks. (I have enabled the ability to utilize “/give” command so you can play around a bit with the items. Press “e” to open inventory):


Hi i may can help u ! my name is Eve

Could you add me on discord? SurfersSurg#0001 I am very interested.

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