SCP 3008 item movement

Does anyone know any videos or resources that could help in a somewhat similar item movement, including rotation and increments if possible?

I have tried looking it up on google + youtube but I haven’t found anything helpful

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Doesn’t watching the videos on youtube give you the basis of movement as a point to aim at?
Have you tried scripting a character movement as per the guides on Roblox?
Roblox expects you to experiment and see how you get on and call for help when stuck.

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I didn’t find any useful videos on youtube, and it’s item movement, not player movement that I am trying to mimic.

I’m asking to see if anyone knows where I can locate those guides to get a start

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Bumping this thread as I would also like to know.

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Does a search for
roblox part movement guide
not get you what you want?

it’s fine i made something myself lol

care to share what you did?
It may help someone else.

It’s not like this, it’s just an item dragging system I modified off of @starmaq

Is what I modified. I added a check to see if it’s touching a part and to anchor it if so, however I scrapped it so I can’t really help