SCP like hallway

I am not in any means a builder, but I am a single developer working on a site, so I have to learn to build, this is my first attempt, what can I improve?

Looks pretty good to me, I don’t notice any big issues.

(That’s just me though)

lights seem to be unmatched with the general concept besides lights the plastic is not a good option to use in a realistic hallway “if it’s not plastic mb”. Also I can’t be sure if you already use it but if not I urge you to use pbr materials to generally improve ur concept

Ah okay, I currently do not use pbr materials but I’ll do that, thanks. Btw the lights and the platform above them is metal, I think I will change it since yeah, it’s too bright.

not the brightness the matter is the distance between them makes them even closer to each other so the metal platform above won’t be visible also changing its color might solve it as well that color doesn’t match with the general colorization of ur concept but lights will look much better if you decrease the distance between them and the roof try them both it will look much better

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Oh okay, thank you so much man