Script lag on game but not in R-Studio

Hi everyone!
I’m creating a CharacterCreator place with personalizable Height and Width.
When using the arrows to switch them on the game somethimes arrows don’t disappear when reaching the limit (or need a double click)
On Roblox studio this problem does not exist.
There is nothing else in the game but only scripts and GUI
(Try to read the Log in the game, it’s hard to explain but i can try it)

So, basically everytime a player enters the game a new HumanoidDescription creates
Height = 1.5, Width = 1, Depth = 1
When clicking on the arrows they scale by 0.25 (on Height) or by 0.10 (Widht and Depth)
And their value gets printed
(I’m using remote events for them)
when Height reaces 2 or 1 the left/right arrow should disappear to not get the player become oversized.
In the game, the arrows don’t disappear but in studio they do.
(Check the Log in game)
With races this problem does not exist.


Here you can try it

Note: In roblox studio Arrows disappears in perfectly time and without going out of script limits

Sorry for bad english [Italian]

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What’s your question then?

Please refer to About the Scripting Support category for information on what kinds of threads belong here. It’s impossible to know why your game is lagging without any kind of detailed information or code to provide. The only thing that we can reasonably offer right now is that you go in and review your code for bad practice, inefficiencies or any other items that could be slowing your game down.

Edited and tried to make it more understandable as i can

I experience no errors? Is your internet connecting good?

Guess is my internet then :confused:

It lags most likely because of your computer

I don’t know because on Roblox Studio there are no problems on it :confused:

Your problem here occurs because of the latency, though it could be prevented with better code. You should do it all on the client, then when the player is done customizing, you should tell the server to update their character.

You should also give readers more information like whether the script is local/server. You should also post your code instead of screenshots of your code so that we can edit it without having to rewrite it.

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Its about your computer or your internet. I preffere 5G and 4,5G connection. If you are using windows 7 and under it, it lags too. If you are using lenovo, It is good but old lenovos are not good. And Roblox Staffs announced this: Mac computers will lag too much in December 10. RIP MAC USERS (Me too). So you need to use better internet or PC.

I’ll try to make it better and i’ll update it, thanks everyone for replies! :smiley: