Script Support Needed!

Does the tool have “requireshandle” on?



Does the tool have a handle? If it doesn’t, make sure requireshandle is off.

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Try move it to a local script and see if you get outputs then

btw it doesn’t go to hand of player

What doesn’t go to the hand of the player?

the ball (handle of tool)

Is the handle named “Handle” ?

yep, itss named “Handle”

Yes but you do need to use a local script or what you are doing wont work so please do that and we can help you use remote events.

yep i already did that like 15 mins ago

Ok good, so to detect is the user is standing on sand you can use humanoid.floorMaterial.
Then when you detect this, on the server (so yes you’re gonna need to use remote events) youre going to add a tool to the players backpack, and when the .activated function is triggered send a remote event to the server to delete the tool.

If you dont do some of the things on the server players will be able to exploit this, and we dont want that,

downcast and get the raycast.Material property

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i learned just rn how to use remote events so thank you i will try using remote event and i’ll get back to u !


yep idk how to use remote events mind helping me plz?

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Sure, for one go look for some tutorials if you havent, they can explain it better than I can