Script that gets players' IP addresses

No, it’s not the opposite of what I’m suggesting. I was saying that if you know the method (that is, including how/what salt is involved, because when I say “method” that is part of it), you can construct the table in feasible amount of time (I’d reckon, but I haven’t tried it).

You’re right, “the only way” should be “a relatively effective way” in the second paragraph of my post. Although the main focus of my argument was how you have interplay between chance of collision and level of security depending on hash length.

And yeah definitely hashing the IP does not seem like a good approach to create “anonymous” player identifiers, this is what I was trying to convey also.

IMO, the most realistic solution would be the one where the internals are never provided to the developer. Eg, where the developer never sees the IP address or an encoded/encrypted/hashed/etc… version of the IP address.

The developer would only be able to add the IP to a set of IP addresses. They would only know if a user joins with one of these IP addresses – therefore it is less than 100% secure. Ideally the developer would not be able to gain any information about the user’s IP address. To reduce this attack, there would be a minimum and maximum duration instead of the direct ability to remove keys.

In the extreme, a user could learn his ip address, develop a game, only add that one ip to the set, and then change IP using normal means. They could then determine if any other user joins with that IP – giving the exact ip address and userid of a random user. For games popular games, where a dev also lives in an area with many players, this could be a feasible attack.

To avoid this, the logic could potentially be done 100% on the server, or in a lua vm that has severely restricted access. At that point, a user could disclose information on the forums or etc… that would allow the developer to determine the ip address through the same method.

This system could also allow user-id based whitelisting, which could have duration or add/removed based logic. This would allow known-good users, admins, creators, etc… to join the game without being kicked.

He was storing thousands of user’s IPs in a discord server. I don’t know why this hasn’t been brought up yet.

He was also tracing some of the addresses he amassed (illegal!?!), and black mailing people with where they lived.

Why has this not been mentioned yet.

Because this is a bug report about a script that gets player’s IP addresses, so that’d be somewhat off-topic

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I’d argue that it’s still relevant because this elaborates on how the exploit was actually used