SCRIPTER NEEDED / Vibe / Hangout Game

About Us

Hi! I am @Haro_on and I currently own a vibe/hangout game that needs scripting before release.

The Team
@o1lience - Environment Design
@needed - Scripter
@needed - UI

You can see our progress so far here below

About The Job

As the scripter for this project, you’ll need to be committed, active, and submit frequent evidence of progress. A list of needed things will be given in DMs if you are hired.

Example of our game's build style


As this is going to be a bit of work to do, the price will be around 20k-30k! However, negotiation and discussion about it are possible if you take on the job.

Contact Us

For more information on this job, you can contact me on discord (Adham#0002)!

Thanks for your time reading this and I hope to see some of you with an interest in being hired!


Very Interested!
Portfolio : [OPEN] Experienced Programmer | BadlyDev's Portfolio
Discord : BadlyDev#0001

Added! Snarky#0001


if you ever need a builder come to me I make custom models, build and make logos I also have my own website and youtube followings with over 100 subs so that more people can see your game if interested here is my portfolio it shows everything in there [Portfolio] Builder/modeler For HIRE so come and check me out you might like what I do

Interested, check me out : [OPEN] Wqund - Scripter
Discord : PirateDev#4309

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