Scripters Needed ($4,000 to $5,000 Monthly)

Experienced Scripters Needed

Wonder Works Studio

We’re the studio behind the game Overlook Bay and we’re looking for experienced scripters to join our team. Overlook Bay is a roleplay, sandbox type game that allows players to do anything from decorating homes, adopting pets, collecting fruits, seashells and artifacts, to fishing, exploring and much more. We have an ambitious road map and we’re looking for scripters that are passionate with this genre and style of game. Overlook Bay is in paid access as of now, but will be free to all of Roblox later this month.

About The Job

We’re looking for scripters that are over the age of 18, can dedicate themselves to a full-time traditional Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM schedule. Team work is extremely important to us and the whole team works at the same time, all together each and every day. We’d also love to see some of your work and experience on Roblox. So please send a link to your portfolio with your application for these positons.


We pay via direct deposit at the end of each month. This is a salaried position, starting at $48,000 per year, which would be $4,000 per month. With opportunity for even greater earnings and bonuses.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:
You must be 18 years or older to apply. Please leave your Discord username in your application as well so we can contact you and setup interviews if we’re interested.

Thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile:


Hi am not sure if you would need a 3d modeller but am here to apply. I am a very experinced 3d modeller am free for 3 hours a day due to school starting this Wednesday. Message me on discord as soon as possible if you want to hire me because am going to bed soon i will see it 2moro BST timezone 5:35. Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843

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How I wished I was experienced I’m sadly not that good at scripting however if you need UI here is my discord ImjustaStufful#5873

Love the game! Best of luck finding people!

Which timezone is this in? Is it a requirement to work at exactly the same time as other members of the team?

Interested, here is a link to my portolio:

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Hi, i was wondering if your game is in need of original audio (music/sfx)

We’re still looking for more scripters, feel free to apply with your portfolio. We have updated the monthly salary!

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Would love to work for this game!
Amazing progress has already been done it would be a gift to be able to join in on something so successful.

Do you have a portfolio we could look at?

Are you in need of any music or sound effects?
It can do wonders to enhance the mood of a game

I don’t have a portfolio page, but I am experienced in making tons of different systems as well as designing the UX and UI for them!

Character customization
Inventory/hotbar system
Item handlers and damage handlers
Quest, dialogue, and interaction systems

I attempted to make a small site showcasing random projects over the year as a portfolio, but to no avail - so here’s a small compilation of things.

An example of a sandbox prototype...

Earliest prototype
Connecting fences together
Creating an explosive block to deform terrain
Showcasing stairs (orientated depending on the face of the block you place)
Random blueprint template to aid building
Custom chat

An example of a top-down arcade shooter...

Random firing mode
Random firing mode
Random firing mode
Earliest prototype of gameplay
First concept of mobile compatible controls

An example of a naval-based deathmatch...

First functionality of firing
Ship customisation

An example of a theme editor plugin...

Editor theme customisation
Live editor changing

An example of a crate unboxing simulator...

Reward after spinning
Inventory sorting
Particle effects for unique hats

You can contact me on Discord @Vrilth#9647

I know my work is nothing spectacular, but if necessary, I might be able to gather more up-to-date projects!

Thank you!

Really interested in this ambitious project! would love to be part of the team, here’s my portfolio:


I’m a highly proficient Roblox Lua scripter seeking work in a team setting. I’ve been programming for over 15 years with well over 5 years dedicated to Roblox Lua. In this time I have designed and created games both on my own and in cooperation with both scripters and non-scripters. I enjoy improving my skills and helping others to do the same (as evidenced by the hundreds of people I’ve helped over the years on Scripting Helpers:, making me an asset in any team.

Wanting my code to be of high quality, I have studied “clean code” and good programming principles. I like to consider efficiency without compromising readability. I’ve also enjoyed learning about game design and considering what makes for good game experiences. I enjoy analyzing a game’s design and proposing suggestions to improve it. I am fluent in C# and have also had experience with Python, SQL, Java, Javascript, AutoHotKey (macro scripting language), and F# and Lisp (functional programming languages).

I’ve spent two years taking university courses in Computer Science, where I learned about some advanced algorithms. During my time there I also completed a four month co-op term where I programmed for a startup company utilizing Python, Javascript, SQL, and HTML/CSS to implement a variety of features.

Over the years I’ve worked on a number of miscellaneous items on Roblox, including:

  • Variable speed Roblox physics simulation (open source): Scripting Helpers "Snack Break Problem" #21 - Roblox
  • Connect 4 (with AI; also open source): Customizable Connect 4 (vs AI) - Roblox
  • Math quizzing software: Math Facts - Roblox (I have also created similar software using C#)
  • Village Builder ( - this was a cooperative game I made years ago that enjoyed some popularity but it is mostly broken now - but you can see the screenshot on the game page of a theoretically possible game state. The game’s coolest feature was that players could place building plans anywhere (using local parts); when a player placed it somewhere, it became visible to all, but each brick in the building was semi-transparent until constructed using the appropriate material and “hammering” it into place - players also performed this activity to repair buildings damaged through weather or disasters.
  • I’ve spent an amount of time working with modules and ideas for efficient and safe data stores and also for upgrading data stores between versions. I’ve also tinkered with an idea that has Roblox servers cooperating via data stores and MessagingService to create mutable state that is shared between all servers (though an external database would be much more powerful and flexible).
  • To facilitate the quick testing of Roblox Lua code, I wrote a C# program that works with a now-deleted RbxSync fork and an automated in-Studio testing framework I created; I can hit “save” in a text editor and have automated tests automatically triggered in Roblox Studio to test the code, giving a summary of the results in the Output window, all within 1-2 seconds!

Since May 2020, I’ve been leading the volunteer scripting team for the “Roblox Library 2020” group. I’ve coordinated with the owner, new and existing scripters, and a variety of volunteers in tracking bugs, organizing projects, and creating such features as:

  • Music Playlist Editor (with customizable names), saved to the data stores (I wrote all the code and designed & assembled the UI with the icons and gradient chosen by a UI designer)
  • “Book Maintenance Plugin”, which performs a variety of maintenance and configuration verification tasks, including assigning a unique ID to each unique book (as some books have multiple copies/models throughout the library), which enables the library to implement book favouriting in the future
  • A “workshop” package that streamlined the updating of scripts in the various “book workshop” places (where volunteers write up book submissions)
  • A script to improve client loading time and performance by removing unnecessary instances

There’s plenty of room for improvement in both the UI and the code, but you can see the current state of them as we’ve moved towards an open source repository:

With my abilities and passion for improving game designs and the coding skills of myself and others, I would love to discuss how I would be an excellent asset to Wonder Works Studio. You can contact me on Discord: chess123mate#4030.


I’m a Scripter, no discord please message me on forum, Job as a Scripter if your still looking for a experienced Scripter (over 2 years)

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