Scripting Basics - Beginner guide to lua and Roblox

I haven’t updated this in quite a while, and, I decided to come back to it and fix some issues. I fixed a few places where wording was misleading, and fixed a few typos, as well as making things a bit easier to understand.

I’m going to update it more in the future, and try to shorten some of its longer parts down, so its easier to read. I might expand this to include info about Roblox Studio as well. :smile:

You can find an original version of the article here: (Original 2019 article) Scripting Basics - Beginner guide for scripting on Roblox


Hi I know this is extremely late but thank you I think I can use this because I don’t know how to script, not to mention I also became member a few weeks ago so this helps a lot