Scrolling Frame canvas [ Failed Tweening to correct position ]

– So I’ve made a spin system, and it works fine in the studio.
But the Tweening of the ScrollingFrame canvas position is not proportioned to other screen dimensions so my spin reaches the wrong point on different screens.

I want to be able to tween to a frame inside the ScrollingFrame but I am unable to find a way, that tweens
the canvas position always to the same point on the frames.

If you know how to fix this I would appreciate your help,
thanks :>

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If you need any additional information please ask :slight_smile:

Are you using scale or offset?

all the frames inside the scrolling frame are scaled with scale

Provide a video/gif of the tweening and the code you’re using.

edit: and tell where you want to tween it into

I want it to tween to frame 70, there is 100 frames in the scrolling frame.

I’ve only put in the position in Pixels to where to tween, where it’s not scaled with other devices.

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I’ve found a solution, Using (AbsoluteWindowsize * frame.position)*10 gave me the position of frame 80 no matter device screen because AbsoluteWindowsize scales.


is absolute windowsize scrollingframe absolutesize or the pixels of the actual roblox application