ScrollingFrame (+ UIGridLayout?) working funky as of a week or so

I’ve tried to create a clean repo file but can’t seem to reproduce it so I’m going to link my game

Step 1, click this

Step 2, click “Me” then “Create Room”. Then set a room name and click Create

Step 3, open Build Mode by clicking the wrench, then click the Clipboard icon.

Step 4: go to “Vibes” then “Walls”

Step 5: Click the paint bucket to load Wall Colors.

Here is the structure of the UI (Download GUI.rbxl (47.4 KB) )


The UI has a couple of issues:

  • 1: On PC you can’t scroll this frame (Mouse wheel). On Mobile it scrolls fine. I’ve tried hacky solutions with like a 25% success rate where I flicker the UI Visible/unVisible to try and make it refresh internally(?)
  • 2: On PC the GUI doesn’t clip with ClipDescendants for some reason. On Mobile it clips fine.

I attached the structure of this UI above. I’m not sure how to repro it in a clean environment, I tried making a repro place where I just toggle the UI Visible with a button, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

About a week or two ago I don’t remember having these issues. Perhaps it was a recent flag flip?


Hi @ScriptOn thank you for the bug report! I believe you’re experiencing a known issue with AutomaticCanvasSize and scaled UIGridLayout cell sizes. We’re actively working on a fix to resolve this issue ASAP.

Your UIGridLayout cell size is currently {0.2, 0},{0, 76}. Try setting the X value to a fixed offset size (removing all scaled cell values), such as: {0, 25},{0, 76}. Does the problem still occur?

If the problem still occurs after using fixed offset sizes, then its possible that this is a different issue that we’ll need to investigate.



That actually did fix it, thank you! I’m glad you guys are working on it, I have some UIs where manually settings pixels would be an insane amount of work.


Hi @ScriptOn - thank you for confirming! We are actively working on a fix for this. Our goal is to ship fixes related to auomatic size (and automatic canvas size) over the next 2-4 weeks.

Thanks again for your patience!


Thanks for looking in to this! While the scrollingframe is being worked on, I’ll mention a very small bug, I couldn’t find mention of it elsewhere.

When I scroll over a ScrollingFrame using the mouse (on PC), my mouseIcon changes as if there is a clickable button. Turning off the ‘active’ property seems to fix it, but when I scroll without moving the mouse it still happens. None of the other settings seem to affect it.

There seem to be no events firing related to this, only the InputChanged event fires from scrolling the mousewheel (curiously not even MouseWheelForward/Backward are triggered).

I noticed this while working with a UIListLayout, but I deduced that it occurs even in the simplest case (just frames in a Y-scrolling ScrollingFrame). You may find an example (uncopylocked):

It may be my imagination, but the mouse movement seems to be a bit more jumpy while moving over the ScrollingFrame, not sure if it could be related.

Thank you, feel free to put this way on the backlog (or not even), I just wanted to report it after failing to find a solution. :slight_smile:

p.s. found one more related post just now:

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