Sctrx | Terrain Builder [CLOSED]

Not for hire yet.

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Smooth Terrain builder.
I have been on Roblox since January 2012 and started using studio for REAL development work in 2016. I’ve done multiple paid commissions for users.
Few Ex: iKingofAllKings, Shawnyg, LostInfinity, BearFound.

Started to try out Smooth Terrain this year and found out I’m good with it and want to put my skills to real use.


Here are some screenshots of my work

Work in Progress small county sized terrain map:


I am available for a maximum of 8 hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me any time and I’ll respond as fast as possible, but I am unable to work during the week due to school and sports.


Prices are negotiable, and will be based off the size of work needed to be

I do not accept game percentage.

My preferred payment method is USD. [Robux is acceptable.]


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: Kyle!#4751


Wow, everything looks so realistic!

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That looks amazing!

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Wow this is the best thing i ever seen looks very awesome you are the best terrain builder, hire this me. :wink:

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I really really need someone like you for my Viking Game.
Do you know when you’ll be taking commissions and can I pay in robux


Your work looks realistic!

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I love how realistic your work is. Would love to see full fledged game with your terrain one day!

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Don’t know at this time. but thanks!

Can’t seem to find Kyle!#4751 anywhere on discord.

let me know if you are interested in building a terrain similar to the described on the post.

Hello, I am Gat, creator of a new group. Sign Studios. I will put in 200k to higher you and 100k to support the game. Add me in disc and Roblox.
SignsDev7382 -Disc
SignsDev -roblox

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