Seamlessly Animated Lightning for an open source module I'm working on

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  • Bezier Curves
  • Layered, moving perlin noise
  • Uniform dispersion of control points and much more

Do you have any creative suggestions for what I might create with it?


This is amazing, you could use it for some sort of lightning magic type thing.


how did you do that my mind is blown!

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Wow! Wonderful work :slight_smile:

This could be used to make some magical abilities and such I guess. What are you planning to do with this?


I’m guessing the third and fourth video make effects when they collide with the baseplate.

I especially like the last one, because it looks like it could be used in circuits or other things.

Release and optimize where possible I suppose! :smiley:
I also want to make a version that will be easy to use for non-scripters if they wish to use it in showcases.


This looks amazing! This effect would fit so much in a game I’m working on right now. (I can’t say what it is rn hehe)

Whenever this releases I’ll definitely buy it!

Edit: Will there be options on how wide the lighting is?

I was going to release it with the thunder as a submodule but it requires more work. Therefore, I’m releasing it early. You can try it yourself here:

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I didn’t knew this was possible with current roblox s particle system can U show me a guide or a tutorial on yt about advance particle systems?

This looks amazing. Is it demanding for low end devices?

If you use a high PartCount and use sparks for multiple bolts, it can cause a dip in fps. Single bolts (without sparks) run fairly decently though. It also doesn’t have any LOD or view frustrum culling which I want to add in the future. Oh, and there is a version which uses ImageHandleAdornments rather than parts for a lil extra speed.

For now, you could just set it to Enabled = false when far away.

Oh ok cool. Do you have a showcase game showing all the stuff with this?

Sure. You can either just download the demonstration from the community resource link above or try it here, (All effects are local only on that place and it was used as a benchmark so it might be laggy for you.)

This is very cool, I love your work and I’m looking forward to see more of it!

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