Searches in the search bar done without autocomplete show “No results found"

When you attempt to search for something that exists in the Developer Hub, it will keep on showing “No results found.”

It seems to be most common when searching for Services, etc. Some words to search for repro:
RunService, ReplicatedStorage, ServerStorage, UserInputService.

The only way you can find something is to let the autofill find the link.


This bug has been happening 100% of the time.


To add onto this, it seems like more and more search results are starting to disappear. I made a tweet two days ago with a video showing how the search functionality is sometimes giving completely irrelevant results, and something no results at all. Here’s the video:

But today, some of search terms from the video (for example WeldConstraint and Players) are now showing fewer or no results at all! WeldConstraint used to show a couple results as seen in the video, but I tested it again just now and I am seeing no more results:


And when I search for Players I see only a few results under the API Documentation tab, which is fewer than the video shows:


Notice how in the video you can also see me searching for UserInputService, which two days ago still displayed results, but this is no longer the case as shown by Rawblocky.


The search on the DevHub is genuinely terrible. Half the time I can’t find what I’m looking for at all. Either nothing shows up, or I’m flooded with pages of irrelevant results.


Hello, old dev here. I have been using the Dev hub a lot recently to catch up on some changes. Well today I visited the site again and I am receiving no results upon pretty much any search. I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.


I’m not sure if this is specifically a recent issue, but in the past week I’ve also been having trouble searching for documentation as the site returns little to no relevant results. Searching for this exact function, autocomplete breaks past “Instance:Find” and “Instance:FindFirstChildWhichIsA” returns no results either.

Documentation for FindFirstChildWhichIsA in case you still need it.

EDIT: well, actually, trying to search for anything turns up no results for me now. Seems we’ve got a pretty big technical issue.


Hey Dragon, thank you for responding and the information. I have already found the info on FindFirstChildWhichIsA days before when I last searched it, but now it’s not returning any results. I could search simply “Player” and it returns no relevant information. I’m not sure what changed in just a few days, I had relevant results just days ago.


Also not getting any search results for any API, requiring the use of google to find pages


If anybody’s struggling to find information on API members while this bug is present, you can manipulate the following URLs to get to where you want to be:

  • For classes:
  • For enums:
  • For data types:
  • For Lua documents:

You can also use Anaminus’ Roblox API reference, which parses Roblox’s API dumps for information. Detailed descriptions of API members aren’t present but basic summaries of them and their properties, methods, callbacks, and events are.

From this site, you can go to the corresponding page on the Developer Hub of any API member as well.


Honestly I can’t find any API members anymore because the Search page just doesn’t showcase them. (It doesnt showcase any result) Also all members have dont show up anymore at Google (seems that they are not indexed anymore)

@CycloneUprising @cowbear16 Would be lovely if you guys could make a new ticket about this in JIRA and get it sorted… We can’t really develop without access to the documention when we need it.


Can confirm this is an issue for me as well. I’ve been trying to find API docs for lots of things and getting “no results found.” It appears it has stopped looking in page titles during searches or something. And I was so hyped that they fixed mobile search but I can’t search at all now :confused:

Edit: I’m at least trying to find an instance that shows results. I think instances as well as InstanceMembers are just not showing up in the search results.
The search is really weird. The Release Notes page has no title text at all.

Edit 2: Let’s break the search yay (2/3 of these have the Designing your Speeder tutorial for no apparent reason even though everything in there is just nonsense){6b5>7hpl3g<c4kvs9ijz0}muearndo&stp=1}p85v1cq4g09olisy3euxz{amr7wtk<jh>n26bfd&stp=1>y31vz}{cmtsh4eo5jbp6ulwaqkx<i20grdfn98&stp=1

Btw the first few dashed letters are from “release notes” since that page is broken in search and I was trying to get it to show up by scrambling the letters. Even if those dashes are spaces it doesn’t load.


I agree this really needs to be addressed. I had much easier time finding information I needed for development years ago. I’ve never really used the search on the wiki/devhub, I’ve always just googled things like “roblox inputbegan” and got exactly what I needed as the top result, but nowadays even that barely works? I wonder if the devhub just needs better search engine optimization in general.

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We shipped a patch last night that should fix this issue, but it may take time to kick in. There was an issue where ‘en-us’ pages were being ignored by our search provider.

Thank you for your patience!


Am I the only one who still can’t find anything useful?


The search feature is still not functioning properly. This makes it extremely difficult to find relevant information in a timely manner.

Google search should not be more effective than built-in search functionality.

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I thought it was just me. This has been a major annoyance. Something needs to be done, really wishing we just had the old wiki back.

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Thanks for your patience everyone! The fix we shipped is kicking in, but our search provider is just taking some time as there are a ton of DevHub pages to recrawl :slight_smile:

Months have passed and this is still an issue. Most of the results now properly show up, but some still aren’t shown.
I understand the fix might take some time to kick in, but it just can’t take that long!

@LuaCow it seems like more results are disappearing. Few days ago I was able to search for player, but today I get this: