Searching for UI Designer

Hello! :wave:
I’m looking for some UI Designer that can make own buttons in Photoshop or any another program,
Before I hire you I would like to see some your previus work, And finally now the Payment

You will be payed monthly with 1-2K R$
If you have any question, Feel free to ask me in comments,

If you’re interested, Please contact me on my Discord → EsplishData#7167
Thanks for reading!


UI Designer makes User Interface , so people can use them and play. GFX designer makes art such as buttons. I think you are searching for a GFX designer.

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No, most interface designers use photo editing applications to produce there work.

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I’m interested.
Discord: EggcellentHumor#1337
Portfolio: [OPEN] Interface Designer for hire!

They use studio tools and GFX makes the art that is made with third party programs

Ide like too be the logo/ui designner.
portfolio: Sharkefex's UI And logo design portfolio [2020] [OPEN]

read the full post for contact and more info.

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