See What's Coming in 2018: This Year's Developer Roadmap


@TheDreamDealer got his hands on it. I haven’t been in studio in a couple days so I never checked:


my eyes are already relaxed from looking at that.


Its not official out just letting you all know, you can see how I enabled it here: (The FFlag)

Note: I believe its still a WIP, but so far I have not ran into any problems personally.


Yeah I think clone tweeted something about them working on new dark theme icons. Those don’t seem to be implemented yet.


Only thing I know about those are the old images had white outlining, but that is being fixed as far as I know.


I must have missed this info when I wrote my original reply. This eases my concerns by quite a bit. We’ve ensured that our assets are as preformant as possible with the current system, so there shouldn’t be much of a problem disabling LOD. I’m assuming this property will be client localized, which will allow me to add a player setting to enable LOD if performance does become a problem. My bases are totally covered by that, so I’m no longer worried.


Just got the Roblox Dark Theme - I now feel disoriented…
Hahaha it’s great though thanks!


Quarter 3? Ha, yeah right. Maybe we’ll get these in a couple years if we’re lucky. And why isn’t panorama UI on the roadmap??


I cannot wait, :smiley: This is just what I need in my upcoming projects. Way to go Roblox!


I wonder if we’ll get a glimpse at some of these features and more at RDC?


How bout a bring-back/revamp of genres :sob:


Tags would be cool, I guess? Not really sure how useful they have proven to be elsewhere (off Roblox).


Why break it? Is there a specific reason that it doesn’t just get deprecated?


It’s not meant to be a proper API member in the first place, it’s a hack that you probably shouldn’t even use right now. The new one will expose more information than just being an enumerator, i.e. it will tell you the color scheme of the theme so you can adjust any future theme too by reacting to color values rather than an enumerator value.


If plugin developers are hardcoding “if dark them then” checks into their plugins, it means that if we tweak the dark theme colors those plugins will no longer fit in. It also means if we introduce additional themes or even custom themes, those plugins will not be compatible.


Does this mean it’ll be possible to have Fallout 3 styled bullet holes? :thinking:

I also certainly hope the CSG triangle limit will be increased at some point.


At first I was like, “Oh. Updates. Yay?” cause I don’t do too much on Roblox anymore, but then I saw this:


I’m coming back bois.


The social media links are essential, so thanks for implementing that. I would recommend that you do not restrict the links to just social media. In my case, for example, I would like to create on online survey (using Google Forms, or SurveyMonkey, etc) to get player feedback. So your system has to be flexible enough to allow for such links.


This is what I’m excited for over any other feature. The way things are right now on Roblox, it’s impossible to attract a more ‘skilled’ audience to your game, even if it is a very well put together game. The reason for this being that they just end up in servers with players who aren’t as familiar with the game, making it too easy.

That being said, is it possible we can get more insight on this ‘Universe Script & Game Services’ feature? How do we control matchmaking using this feature? And what exactly does it mean by “allow for leaderboards” when we can already make leaderboards using OrderedDataStores? What makes these leaderboards better? I can’t imagine we’ll get much info about a feature so far away, but it’s worth asking.


I also feel this feature is very undervalued. Not only can we finally have efficient ELo matchmaking, but there’s also other possibilities such as cross-server chat and cross-server marketplaces, and who else knows what other creative features people will make with this.