Seem To have a Problem

So I Have Been Trying To build a car For A New Game Idea I have and no matter How hard I try It doesn’t move or anything

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Instead of anchoring the car you should use welds


Its welded to the base same with the wheels

Are you using hinges? If you are, they have been deprecated.
Use HingeConstraints instead. (I don’t know how to explain, wait for others to reply)

All Right ill See if anyone can help me with the Hinge Constants

Use welds between the wheels and the car. Also try to place the seat in the middle that may help.

Um Its been like that my man. It wont move or anything

Is it anchored? Are the wheels touching the ground?

No Its not anchored Its hinged and the wheels are touching the ground but i can move it with my player

In that case I suggest you watch this, it will help you figure out your mistake. If you still don’t figure it out you can just re build it with guide from the video.

You Gave me a outdated video with surface inputs that no longer exist

Here you go roblox made a easy tutorial…


It keeps going off center. Take a look here

what’s off centered? probably should do personal messaging for better communication.

No matter how many times I Retry The hinge is the problem im having its off center and wont let me do the rest

Is this the Roblox car kit?
Make sure your model doesn’t have the seat moved out of section of the model it was in before you modified it.
Are there any messages in your Output window in Studio when you test it?

I cant try something that’s not done I am following the guide step by step and it always like this I haven’t touched the seat

I’m testing it right now to see what you got going on…

That would be inaccurate we would have different results but you do u

In studio, before playing, move your car a bit up. Try testing the car again. The wheels may be welded to the baseplate.

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