Select/Remove Multiple Objects of the Same Type

As a Roblox developer, it is hard to remove/select multiple objects of the same name/type in the explorer. If this issue was addressed, I would be able to remove unwanted objects (e.g. Welds in anchored parts) faster.

Since you can search for the names of parts, why not give us the ability to select those parts without a plugin/script. A good solution would be to add an option in the right-click menu for the explorer search bar, called “Select All Matching Objects”.

When that’s pressed, all objects matching the search query would be selected. For example, if you search “weld” and click on the option, all of the objects in the game called “weld” would be selected.

Imagine this: You’re creating a game, but oh no! You left “Join Parts” on. That means your workspace is flooded with tons of necessary welds (since all of your parts are anchored). You don’t want to use a plugin, and you don’t feel comfortable with running a script (in case something else is accidentally deleted). It would be too tedious to select each weld by hand.

Example of A Use Case
As you can see, these parts are anchored, and are filled with tons of unneeded welds, and it would be hard to delete all of them manually.