Selecting objects lags out Studio

whenever I select objects, the game freezes for a few seconds
Checking the micro profiler, LegacyLock caused it.

How do I fix this?

How many items are you selecting?

just one, and it doesnt matter what game it is. A new baseplate has the same problem and length of freeze.

Do you have any plugins you have that might be affecting this?

all my plugins are disabled for this, still doesn’t work. I disabled the beta selection feature as well, still bad

This might possibly be because of this:

Disabling the beta might fix the issue.

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I had tried to disable it but it still lagged, but maybe it had a permanent effect. Tomorrow I’ll reinstall Studio for the millionth time lol

Or you could possibly try this:

Ignore what I said here about just deleting LayoutSettings, delete the whole RobloxStudio folder.


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