Server and client issues with touched event

I’m developing a very very very crappy mortar, but I don’t want my mortar to be that crappy, and right now the client is responding to the touched event much more different compared to the server.
You can see according to the videos


As you can see the client’s explosion is hovering over the target, and it’s very noticeable. I don’t like that.

Does anybody know what’s going on or know how to fix it?

Some code for reference would be helpful :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry about that

		function touched(Hit)
			if Hit:IsDescendantOf(folderstoignore[1]) then
		if Hit:IsDescendantOf(workspace) then
				local exaudio = game.SoundService.MortarAudio["Explosion [Quick]"]:Clone()

				local exgfx = game.ServerStorage.BulletExplosionParticles:GetDescendants()

				local PO = clone.ParticleOrigin

				for i, v in pairs(exgfx) do
					local pclone = v:Clone()
					pclone.Parent = PO
					pclone.Enabled = true


				exaudio.Parent = PO
				clone.Transparency = 1
				clone.CanTouch = false
				clone.Anchored = true
				for i, v in pairs(exgfx) do
					local pclone = v:Clone()
					pclone.Enabled = false


What is the network owner of the missile?

Its the server. I have a script in the serverscriptservice that controls everything.

But you didn’t call SetNetworkOwner on the part.

Actually, I’m confused about what to set the networkowner to because it still doesn’t work after extensive testing and the physics doesn’t apply at all.

You set it to nothing for it to set to the server.

If thats the case then its still not working as I have tried this before. Is there a specific point where I have to declare it for it to work?

Nvm it doesn’t work I recently found out after further testing.
If I have any solution I will post it here because I can’t remove the solution from my message no longer.
I found the solution :slight_smile:

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