Server Input Lag

I’m pretty sure Roblox player movement is done locally and replicated to the server(Correct me if I’m wrong). I came to this conclusion because exploits done on the client already allow the player to teleport walk through walls etc and it replicates to the server. The way I think you would get a desirable result would be to handle the movement/physics of the cars locally then have checks on the server to handle suspicious behavior such as vehicles going out of bounds. If the server handles the movement then players will with no doubt have undesirable latency.

Yes, as I said before, the character’s network owner is the client. That does not affect movement out of the player’s model.

Setting network ownership means the client handles all the physics for said object, because you’re sending a remote to the server to update position of the car it takes time and latency which results in the lag you are recieving. Roblox has an excellent article on dealing with input lag and lag in general which I believe you should take a crack at because it talks about the usage of remote events.

You can fix this by either moving the player’s bumper cars locally, making them the NetworkOwner or using lag compensation methods (way more complicated!!! but also less exploitable) to offset their position based on ping/latency and locally correct by the result from the server.

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Yes, I know what network ownership is.

Yes, but have you actually attempted to apply any of the things we have said to your car?

Yes. I just need it tested (didn’t have enough time for that yesterday, sorry).

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