Server Playlist Script not working

I want to make a playlist of 2 musics (that I’ll add more later) on my game, and the musics are the same for all in all the time ( so with server scripts )

But I never make it and now I made, isn’t working


while true do

Thanks for help

If the music plays, I think you should use Ended instead of Stopped.

Still didn’t worked

while true do

I think your sound needs to be in the workspace. Move it to workspace and try it.

Did you test the sound in studio and made sure it plays before using the script?

What’s the exact problem occurring here? Are the songs not playing? Is the music not synced for each client?

For some reason isnt working on studio, but works on Roblox Player

Did you try moving the sounds to workspace?

This isnt the problem, the problem is with the studio

The SoundService is to sounds for all the workspace

I’ve never heard of someone parenting sounds to SoundService, is that common? May be, but I’ve never seen it done. Doesn’t hurt to try moving them and see if your problem goes away.

Okay, well, I tried it myself and it works for me in Studio (playing sounds parented by SoundService, both by script and localscript). So, not sure why yours doesn’t work.

Can you hear anything on Studio? Like footsteps, swimming, splash, any sounds at all? If not maybe your Studio settings are on mute. In windows you can mute an app, in Studio you can mute your ‘fake’ client in the settings.

Try this youtube video: Roblox Scripting Tutorial: How to Script a Music System - YouTube

this guy helps out A LOT