Serverside Character!

Hi! I wanted to show my own Server-side Character System its kinda Cursed but u can improve that i guess, i recommend this script in parkour/hangout/showcase games etc. but if you gonna improve that script you can make better version of that!

i know my english kinda suck.

Here’s some videos about it!

– Trailer about Server-side Character!

lets talk about how it works.

you cant see ur serverside character but others can see ur serverside character
i disabled removing character in clientside for debug/showcasing

What changed?

When u dont use Serverside Character:

When u use Serverside Character:


i added anti-teleport

reminder: you can improve this script

reminder2: and i know there is alot of scripts like that but i wanted to share my own version

u want to use this system?
here place link:

u gonna use it?

  • im gonna use it thanks!
  • idk
  • nah

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How is its performance?

And any reason why should we use it over chickynoid?

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i dont know it didnt created any lag for me and what is different, my version creates fake character
and acts like real character

andd i know there is better versions of serverside character system or something like that i guess i dont have any reason, just different version of chickynoid

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It’s fine, this is your own personal version (that you wanted to share i guess) and maybe the code might be useful to someone

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