Shadow piercing through thick wall

Hi, this picture should show the problem that I’m facing.

The shadow casted on top is going through a super thick wall.
I have tried using all shadow technology and the problem still persists. And rest assured the thick orange wall in the middle is wayyyy thicker than 4 studs.

For context - I’m trying to build a game where there aren’t shadows in the entire world, except for these clouds floating on top. (the beige box in the screenshot). All the objects in the world are set to not cast shadows, except for these cloud objects.

You can make the shadows disappear if you make the CastShadow property in the part false.


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I need the “clouds” on top to cast shadows for gameplay purpose (stuff drops from the cloud - so from observing the shadows players know where stuff can drop), but the shadow should stop at the thick ceiling, and not go through the ceiling to the ground.

You could also make the ambient of game.Lighting to more white if you don’t like the shadows. The shadows could also be from the thick ceiling not from the cloud.

When I was testing this out myself in the studio I noticed something. The shadow is not going through the brick! Depending on the angle of your lighting, the shadow will appear differently.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 4.00.59 PM
Judging by the pictures I took above there is more than one shadow. In the second picture, you can see the shadow does not go directly down due to the angle of the lighting.

With this, I think it’s safe to conclude the shadow is not going throw your wall, but rather your lighting angle is casting two shadows.

I don’t think it is an issue with angles, see below:

  1. I went ahead and make the ceiling considerably wider, to eliminate the possibility that the objects are not angled at a right position to block out the second shadow on the floor.
    Observation: Yes, shadows are still showing on the floor, no matter the angle

  2. If the shadow is piercing through the object, then maybe I can see the shadow from under the ceiling?
    Observation: Yes, I can see the shadow at the bottom of the ceiling as well.

  3. If the shadow is piercing through object, then surely it could be piercing through the ground too?
    To test this I create one super wide part and placed it underground.
    Observation: Yes, it is piercing through the ground(green part), and a shadow is casted underground (red part).

Definitely a bug. Here is another post on a separate thread with the same issue. Weird shadow behaviour

I wanted to post the bug, but I’m only a member now and don’t have bug posting privileges :frowning: