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About Me

Hi guys my name is Shematics, I am a 3D artist, builder, GFX artist and animator since 2014.
I mainly use Blender for my creation and can make as low and high poly builds. I take commission and
swear a great detailed product for your requirement as big or as small as you wish.


You can view my assets here: Vampire Rise PROPS™ - Roblox
(It is not organized)


Quick screenshots, more down below…


Uploading: RobloxScreenShot20200225_122115731.png…



(There is much more I just could not fit them all)



(I have more)



I am almost always available as long as I know what is to be done


I accept group payout mostly, I then can use Interact or something else or even PayPal


Payments can be negotiable. My prices are flexible and fair. I do not accept % or payments by t-shirt, must be in group funds or gift cards.

  • Prices are negotiable, my preferred payment method is robux, gift-cards or roblox limited items.

My Experience

I have been working for Strucid, doing pickaxes mostly and other game with them.
I made revamp for Granny
Worked for Ro-Bots
And many other projects


You can contact me here by replying or just on the dev forum itself, by my twitter or even my discord
Twitter: @Shematics_RBX
Discord: Shematics#9419
Roblox: @Shematics

Thanks for your feedback guys and for reading don’t hesitate to give back answers!!


This post is VERY long, maybe sort the pictures into detail folders like this:

Low Poly

Put some pics here

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How do you did that? I am new to the forums

Click the gear in the options bar above the text space and click Hide details, then follow instrctions that say, put text here.

Hello, I just wanted to say that these are very good but uh… it’s way to long your work in very detail give what @EternalCanadianDev said all so welcome to Dev Forums and I hope you get hired.

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Thanks for the tips mate! Ive done it and it much more clear

Hello! If you want I would like to add you to my team(It will Be Revenue Percentage Base)! It is Negotiable. (Also it would be a great way to get more Experience!)

I sent a Request on Discord, my Discord is besupernow#5482!