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So you’re saying that I don’t have the right to set a price for a plugin I worked hard on?


It’s just a bit weird to do so, there is a lot of alternatives that are free. Sorry, but you don’t have any features that would make this plugin unique, it wont get attention after going paid.

I disagree. Any work is evaluated directly by the person who created it. If you find an alternative, then you can download it. Moreover, this is not the end of the development of this plugin, this is only the first version.

Besides, look how differently these plugins are made



Just had a little go with it and what a bunch of time it saves - will definitely be using this more in the future, kudo’s to you! :heart:

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Thank you for rating! Good luck with development!

You compared your plugin to some code written by ChatGPT. There are way better plugins, such as:

It’s great that they exist and the more of them there are, the better this area will be developed.

not trying to be rude but dauser is kind-of right, there are multiple free alternatives that have the same features, you need something defining which makes people want to use your plugin

tis the merit of competition

I realize that marketing is very important in our world. But you still haven’t refuted my opinion, the fact that there are many other free plugins does not oblige me to take responsibility and adapt to them. Your answer would be appropriate if this was the last update to this plugin.

Think for yourself, any creation is unique. How other plugins are expressed and made does not apply to mine, just as my plugin does not apply to them. In any case, thanks for your opinion!

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Not saying you have to make it free, just saying you need there to be a reason to get your plugin specifically, a feature that free alternatives don’t have, or your competition is gonna smoke you over applewood low and slow

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Yes, you are absolutely right. The plugin will be gradually updated and become better and better!

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Shortcuts v1.1 | Shortcut Drops

Version 1.1 adds significant changes that improve the experience of interacting with Shortcuts.

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You can now view whether a shortcut contains loops or connections.

Drop & Take


Now you can very easily and quickly accept shortcuts and create your own and share them with the whole world.


  • Improved design
  • New interface animations
  • Softer colors
  • Extension of free sale until March 1st 2024
  • Bugs from the previous version have been fixed
  • Improved overall interaction


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New Shortcut Drop for Realistic Lighting!

Add this model to your workspace,
then use the Shortcuts plugin to create a Shortcut!


Sometimes I will release useful Drops for you and this list will be updated!

I like the idea of releasing new “official” shortcuts as drops!

Anyways, this plugin has been useful! It’s like making a simple plugin without all the complicated parts.

A suggestion for the next version of the plugin is to let users preview and change the icon without having to edit them through the drops.

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Thank you, good to hear!
I’m just about to add this in the new version!

The plugin is actually good. Not a new idea of course, but it solves problems such as storing small QoL scripts.
Also, i have a suggestion. Would be neat to have ability to request specific or optional inputs, that can be applied for anything in a shortcut itself.

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Thank you! This is a good idea, I’m also thinking about implementing it!

Do you think it’s worth adding require(target: any) to the filter?

It will be detected as Unsafe because the filter does not check the source of the module script.

Require = Unsafe?
  • Yes
  • No

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Shortcuts | Version 1.2

What’s new?

Improved Source Filter


Requesting input using the built-in Shortcut method.

Note: In this case, source is shown as unsafe due to the use of require, don’t worry.

Let’s explore this script!

local Shortcut = require(game:GetService("CoreGui")._Shortcut_Actions)

local User = Shortcut.AskData {
	Placeholder = "What's ur username?"

if User then
	Shortcut.SendNotification(`Hello, {User}!`, 2.5)

The built-in Shortcut module allows us to create custom input from Shortcuts and the user.

Ask Data

Shortcut.AskData(Data: {Filter: string?, Placeholder: string?})

This function allows you to prompt for input and waits for the user to respond.

Data → table {}

Filter → string or nil
Placeholder → string or nil

In the first argument to Filter you enter what type of data the user can enter.

-- Default
Filter = Shortcut.Filter.Both

-- Number or string
Filter = Shortcut.Filter.Numbers
Filter = Shortcut.Filter.String

That is, if you select a number filter, the user will be able to enter only a number or “” (nothing).

In the second argument to Placeholder, you choose which tooltip will be displayed to the user.


Note: The function returns false if the user clicked the cancel button.

Send Notification

Shortcut.SendNotification(Context: string, Time: number?)

This feature allows you to display a notification on the user’s screen.

Context → string
Time → number or nil

The first argument, Сontext, is what the user will see on the screen. That is your message.

-- Default

-- Custom

In the second argument Time you can specify the time at which the notification will appear in seconds.

-- Default

-- Custom

Note: This function returns a :Wait() function with which you can yield until the notification disappears.


Errors in your Shortcuts are now displayed in the console, allowing you to quickly find them.

If the command is executed, a pause icon appears; if the command failed due to an error, a cross icon appears.

Improved design and interaction.

You can now change the icon of your Shortcut in edit mode.

Download in Roblox Marketplace

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It really depends, If it’s used for malicious purposes, then yes, but if used properly, then no

Ignore what @thedauser said about your plugin, At least you put some effort there, great job doing so

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