Should I be ashamed of using free models?

I was wondering if I should be ashamed of using free models? I use very few of them, mainly for animations since I don’t know how to animate very well.
Am I just being too harsh on myself?


There is no problem using free model from the toolbox because it is just a way of learning and making you work faster.


It is fine to use free models in my opinion, but you use them at your own risk
If it is a really nice chair with no scripts, you should use it
If it is a random part with so much scripts, (and fire) don’t use it

If you make a game with free models, dont make it so that the game is 100% free model

I hope this helps
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A lot of people like to say “I don’t use free models, I make it all myself”… even i am guilty of something similar in my profile, where I brag that I solo develop two games (all aspects)… however never forget that everyone uses other people’s help ALL the time, hence why we even have a forum to begin with.

There is NOTHING wrong with using free models. They help:
-expedite your workflow.
-teach you how to further your own building skills, if you take the time to deconstruct how they were made.
-add a professionalism and expertise to your games that you could (probably) never achieve alone.
-give you a boost of confidence when your baseplate is just an empty baseplate.

The list goes on. THAT being said, they can definitely hinder and hurt your progress in many ways:
-if you just clutter your game with models instead of try to make some on your own, u’ve learned nothing and will continue down that road.
-if as @Coolsbloxian noted, it is maliciously built and will actually unknowingly hurt your game.
-you pass the creations off as your own, then you just lie to others and yourself.

I could easily expand both these lists but you get the picture… EVERYTHING is borrowed in some respect… no one wrote a script by themselves without some help in the beginning and even the most expert builder or scripter goes to others for free help, if they don’t then they are just letting their ego get in the way.

Find your balance, build your own models and learn from free models until you can build mostly your own with the help of others. Good luck and don’t be discouraged.


No need to feel ashamed. I used free models to learn how to script and build. I also used them normally in a few of my games.


If it’s for practising and learning, sure, although if you are using them in games, then that seems quite unprofessional.


For an actual game project, it is indeed unsuggested to use free models as they can risk you being banned and shows how not professional the game is.
For testing and fun with friends, why not?


Im my opinion, it depends how you use them. For example, if 50% of your game consists of free models/scripts then it really shows how un professional the game it and should probably be ashamed of. I think that free models (like chairs) are completely fine but using scripts from a free model ESPECIALLY if you dont know how the script works isnt professional at all. Im a certified Free Model Hater


Free models you can use but not too much.
I actually use them when i dont know how to made it and learn it by get freemodels source for researching. But problem on freemodels there botting models spam and Backdoor script inside model you have to check it correctly its can lead you to ban.


I usually use free models for meshes and sometimes scripts from a verified user, such as a script that reverts camera controls (the older camera controls are better for certain things)
You can also use free model for additions to a map, just try to make sure the free model isn’t obscure and is created by a verified user; at least check the scripts before using it.


No, i used free models too and i learned how to script and how to build


No, you don’t need to be ashamed to use the free model, if you want to publish it don’t worry, because most players who play your game won’t realize that there is a free model there, so you don’t have to be ashamed.


Of course not, go in any front page game and there will be at least one free model. I use mostly free meshes because modelling is so difficult, and I use plugins and modules from the DevForum too (those are free models just as much as “TREE TREE TREE TREE TREE TREE TREE” whether people want to admit it or not).

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A big shame.

Kidding, I learned how to script by free models.


My first 6 months on roblox, I used almost entirely free models. For the next year after that, I slowly phased them out, and the last year I’ve barely used any except when it comes to things like animating or finding an example for something.

There’s definitely no shame in using free models, as long as you are learning. If you look through the scripts enough, you’ll eventually start to figure out how to script for yourself, at least that’s what happened for me. Now, after you start to figure out your way around studio, your games shouldn’t be 100% free models. As long as they aren’t viruses, however, your game can have 30%-10% as you start to learn how to do things for yourself. I would just recommend that you don’t make money off of a game that is more than 50% free models, since it’s a little bit like cheating.
My point is, as long as you’re learning, it’s okay to use free models. I did, and you can too.

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Yes and No, the Yes Reason is thats some Free Stuff are imports from other games as Call of Duty or Other games, you need an Licence for those models from them or you can get DCMA, and No because the ppl are making models for other players to use those like my group, we are doing some models for the players to use those, most loved are our D-Day Landing Boats (Power Low Studio Model) what the modeal creators doesnt like is if someone reclames thier work.
and with own models, you know how many assets they have and it feels good to have someting made by your self.

No! Anybody who says you should be is absolutely false. You can learn scripting and other things from them. Be mindful of viruses though, check the scripts through.

In my opinion, I don’t think its terrible to use free models as they can be helpful for a beginner and can add stuff in the game that the person who’s making the game cant. I mean, not everyone starts off as a pro.

You shouldn’t really be ashamed of using free models as long as you give credit or sumin’ like that.

Use them at your own risk though, cause a lot of them contain viruses that’ll getchu banned for a week.

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