Should I start learning and using OOP?

Hi, for the last 30 minutes I’ve been watching tutorials about self, __index and metatables and if I’m not wrong, they are OOP or something like that, I’m not totally sure what they are but I’m really curios if I’ll ever need them in my game.

I can’t understand them, they look kinda difficult for me since I’ve never heard of them until this moment. My question is, like in the title, should I start learning and using OOP?

(Edit: Sorry if there are some grammatical mistakes, english is not my main language)

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It’s all about preference and use cases. I think OOP is a very useful programming paradigm, but it might differ in some cases, so it’s really up to you in the end.

It might be very beneficial for you to still learn it though, as in your development career, you will definitely have to use it at some point.

Here’s a good tutorial to start from:

More about OOP:
Object-oriented programming - Wikipedia.

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Thank you! I will start learning it and when to use it.

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