Should i use Rojo?

I am a nodejs developer, I coded all my projects on Visual Studio Code.

I’ve heard about rojo but I found it quite restrictive because I have to change windows every time,
I get errors while coding because “game” doesn’t exist

Is there a way to make sure there are no errors while I code telling myself that “x” doesn’t exist and other errors like that?

If not, why use rojo? What are the benefits?

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If you’re getting errors with rojo it’s likely you havent setup your project correctly. I suggest looking at the Rojo documentation for more help with setting Rojo up.

Also are you using Selene or any other vscode extensions alongside Rojo?

Selene ? What is that ?

And it’s not a problem with rojo, just with lua autocorrection.


This code will give an error because in vscode, game does not exist.

Selene is a popular lua linter often used alongside Rojo. I was asking because “x is not defined” didn’t seem like a Rojo error.

And it’s not a problem with rojo, just with lua autocorrection.

It sounds like whatever extension you’re using for lua autocompletes doesn’t support Luau. If you want a good extension for that I suggest using this one instead!

Can I run script with vscode ? will the debugger work?

Try this plugin too:

You can’t run code within vs code. It’s not an IDE. If you want to use the debugger features like breakpoint then you’ll have to do it in studio. You can install various plugins in vs code to make the experience good though like linters and intellisenses for luau and stuff.

It will prevent you from losing your scripts if Roblox studio crashes and you forgot to save them, which is the main reason I am using it.

I wouldn’t use it to be honest, just another thing you have too learn. There aren’t too many advantages, yet some may argue “Rojo” can help with saving scripts and that “TypeScript” helps a lot, but if your not willing to learn it or you already have other tools I wouldn’t recommend it. Honestly you’d just be better off with another editor. In all there are many advantages and disadvantages, it’s basically trial and error, so it’s up to personal preference. I do not like it personally, but try fixes issues you have with it and if it works it works.

Have a good day.

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