Should I use the server side for tweening instead of the client side for game logic?

I’ve read a couple posts on here saying that tweening on the client side is always better, as it reduces the load on the server and is able to make the animations much smoother. My question is, would the same apply to tweens that are used for server game logic and need to be accurate to all players?

The game I’m making involves these lasers being cloned and tweened to sync up with certain timepositions, where you have to dodge them at the right time. I’ve been tweening everything on the server side because the cframe/positions needs to be accurate enough to damage players if they touch it. I also didn’t figure out how to implement client tweens to the main script that handles the cloning, so I just used server side tweens instead, lol.

Despite everything being handled by the server, the game plays just fine and there’s no notable lag/latency issues, and the tweens are fast enough to not have any jitter problems.

What do you guys think? Would it start to get worse as I continue development and adding more memory/data? As much as people say that tweening on the server side is bad, its the most simple and effective solution that I could think of.

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image: the 3 sequential tweens that are in the laser

video: the lasers being cloned/tweened

TweenService V2 is your best bet for the actual appearance.

Server logic is a tough one such as bullets through a doorway.
TweenService V2 will update the position on the server once the tween is completed to ensure that new clients see this and server logic works. It’s not ideal to have server logic rely on position when something moves. Your best bet may be chopping the movement into smaller parts so the server still doesn’t run a tween, but does more incremental updates.