Show Key Presses V1 - Initial Plugin Release!

I love this! I hate when I’m watching tutorials and have to keep skipping back to see what the youtuber said. Thank you!

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yeah this is awesome, and I agree youtubers/viewers are going to appreciate this.

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Dang I was literally just working on my own version. This is really cool! Is it okay if I publish my own version of this utility? (It’s probably going to cost 20-30 R$)

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Yeah, that’s fine by me. But I’m not sure how well it’s going to sell with a free alternative on the market.

Also, do you have the ability to sell it? I originally planned on selling this (YTers can afford it), but I don’t see a pricing option anywhere.

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yeah. go into the plugin’s properties, and there should be a tab on the right (I dont know what it says). Click on it, then you should be able to choose a price. I might be wrong on this though.

Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem. As for selling them, you need premium in order to do so.


I forgot to give you credit, sorry about that :sweat_smile:. I’ll add it right now.

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As a YouTuber, I can’t wait to use this! I always get people wondering how I do certain things and I can spend more time showing them how to create, without having to tell them my every action.

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This is great, thanks for sharing it![quote=“TheHeckingDev, post:7, topic:1120879”]
it looks like you need to be approved by roblox in order to do so

I believe you need Roblox premium to make plugins cost robux.

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Oh. Thanks for the clarification, I’ll edit my post.

Idea: Make the keys stack like a list, and make them slowly disappear. You can do this with UIListLayout, TweenService, and Debris.

I have Premium but I can’t, I think it is locked to specific creators or something.

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No problem! I hope this becomes widespread to the point of universal understanding of shortcuts, it would be very convenient for tutorial-watchers. Nothing would be more rewarding than seeing my own plugin in a tutorial I’m watching.

Great idea! I’ll definitely smack this into the list of things to add. It might be a changeable mode in the future.

Thank you all for your feedback, this is inspiring. I’ll keep contributing, making more plugins, and maybe even tutorials in the future.


PluginActions don’t really allow for something like this at the moment.
Join this petition to improve PluginActions!

Roblox Studio’s system for shortcuts is such that two shortcuts can’t overlap, but they also have it so that existing shortcuts can’t be detected. Kinda over-engineered.

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I’m not quite sure what you mean by this. It seems to work fine without PluginActions. But yeah, PluginActions should be improved.

Is it different on your end?
None of the shortcuts show up for me

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Just some minor dustpan and brush stuff. I changed the capitalisation and I added some future compatibility for later plugins.

Click this menu to update the plugin:

Extra kudos for anyone who can guess what plugin I’ll be releasing under the same “Visualisation” category.

Sorry about that, I broke it in an update by accident. Should be fixed if you update it in the plugin manager now. Also, you need to click the icon in the plugins tab to toggle it on/off.


I’ve added a system which will tell you whether or not the plugin needs to be updated.

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I’m still having the same issue. It’ll tell me when I press regular keys, but not shortcuts. PluginActions prevent shortcut keys from being detected.

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I don’t understand what you mean, it seems to be working completely as intended in your clip.

Actually, you need to be whitelisted into the Plugin Marketplace to gain plugin selling access.


I understand what you mean now. Well, I’ll leave it here for now, I’m sure there’ll be some use for it.

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This plugin is part of my new plugin set called “Visualisation”. As of right now, there is one other plugin in this set, “Livestream Script”. It allows you to quickly livestream your script to a part or GUI in team create. Here’s the link to that if you’re interested: