Show off your UI designs

same. I would like to know how making something like that.

Though @ManamiWasThere could obviously share more details, since there seems to be interest, I can quickly explain how I’d expect such a system can be done:

The entire thing is contained in an ImageLabel which is the white, rounded corner box you see as the backdrop with a light shadow. Inside that is another two ImageLabels that are the grey and blue bars at the bottom, with the grey bar always full width and the blue bar being tweened in size and position as necessary for the animations. Also you’ll need an ImageLabel for that darker grey circle that takes over when focusing on the input, and again you’ll need to tween its size and position as necessary when changing states. Then there’s the Placeholder TextLabel, which gets tweened in size, position, textsize, and textcolor3 as necessary to reflect the appropriate state. And finally there’s the actual TextBox which is what you actually end up focusing on when you click the entire box. And there’d have to be some sort of input event listeners set up on the first imagelabel to listen for focusing on the widget itself and a focus lost event listener on the TextBox as well. Then, on each event, just tween the elements as necessary and set the focus to the TextBox when it should be.

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Note, I used a button to capture focus, rather than using a textbox.

I’ve included this textbox for my framework system, which is OOP based.

The source code and documentation will be available soon.

Not sure am I in the wrong trend but neumorphism isn’t translucent.

Who else likes physics?

Style: Clean
Program used: Studio, Adobe XD
Inspiration: Pinterest, Dribbble


Style: Clean/modern


Looks great! One thing I would suggest is making the text size constant between all button & perhaps some spacing from the left-side of the text?



dont mind if i had some of these buttons? :thinking:

ill be able to do them for u for a small price if u want.

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A menu UI I made recently for my game (ignore the background noise, I was on a voice call lol)


Made UI based off ted’s jailbreak UI concept.


I’d love a tutorial on that, it’ll look so cool on other UIs to input names etc…

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Style: 3D
Used: Roblox Studio

yes ofc I updated it little today

The style used was 3d as there’s no other attraction or any use but donating


This is one of the most epic GUI designs I’ve ever seen.

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snoozing at home :pensive:


Here’s the new “Discover” UI and menu icons I’ve created for Hotel Robloxia.

And here it is in action however, the Core GUI needs sorting as it currently covers the close button in portrait mode:


Working on a lightweight version of CanaryAdmin V3, which features lighter commands, lighter UI etc

(heavily influenced by grapejuice’s UI)


Is there gonna be open source. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an open source version of canary admin v2. But I cant find out where I found it.

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Both V2 and V3 is available as an open-source project. V2 repository can be found in GitHub, meanwhile, V3’s source is in a devforum post.


V3: Commander | Open Sourced Admin Panel


I am not at all a UI designer and I am not great at it, here are two of my most recent attempts at UI design: