Show off your UI designs

Thanks :heart_eyes: Really appreciate


UI Leak from my upcoming game Lyria



still a little jittery, but the timings themselves feel good! I think this could easily be fixed by grouping the icon and textbox up into their own frame, rather than trying to animate them individually.


Just making some new UI with spring motion right now! It’s incredibly fancy and it’s animation is very natural.

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@cxmeels By the way, what’s your thought on this? :stuck_out_tongue:


I love that! Very smooth! I wonder how it’d look with a little blur behind it too?

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There we go, seems quite nice actually! But I am not so sure whether will it interrupt user’s experience by too much :thinking:


That looks awesome with a blur! I think while they’re in the menu they’re not going to be too bothered about what’s going on behind, but totally your decision. It looks great either way :grin:


Ah, glad to hear! I’ll leave it as that then! Now, time to finish coding the rest…

Yikes, this is definitely going to be a tad harder with modular design


Are you using a framework for this? Interesting naming convention.

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Yep! This is actually a brand new (really, really new) framework I’ve just coded a few weeks ago, currently used in a few games I have developed for, such as Frappe and that.

About the naming, it is actually to make separate classes from each other, so each class type will be much unique! Though, in the framework itself, it’ll omit the prefix inside the Shared table.

The overall goal of the framework is to avoid creating a cluster in your codebase because of the massive amounts of dependencies or modules you use in the project with the modular design pattern. While modular design pattern can be implemented easily without the actual need of a framework, the framework also makes modular much easier to deal with.

The framework shares some ideas from Knit, too! Apart from the network replication of course.

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That’s awesome! Seems like a really clean way to do it. I personally use Roact, as I also use React on the web, and using one seems to help with the other.

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I can see that, since Roact is technically an implementation of React with modifications in Roblox. Though, I am pretty much a Flutter developer :P. Not a huge fan of their implementation at React Native, it was a disaster to use.

Right now, I am trying to make the UI framework so you can access modules/components/constructors outside of framework itself, kinda like how Knit does!


I completely agree with that. I tend to stick to PWA if I want a React-based app that doesn’t need full hardware access.

That’d be cool for injecting state/props directly into components/controllers!

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Messed with the animations, this looks far more better!


I love your designs, they are really great!

How do you do that? Looks fantastic btw!

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Those are actually done with spring motion, so basically physically-based motions. I am currently writing a tutorial on doing spring motions in UI, which will be in medium.

Edit: UI Animation Done Right | Medium


Did I just get rickrolled by a UI design??? How dare you :rage:

Anyways it looks really great! I think I’ll have to try out spring motion sometime as I think it looks a lot nicer than TweenService animations do.

EDIT: I just read through your article, and it looks very useful. I’ve gotten too far into my current game to switch over to springs, but I think I’ll try it out with my next game.

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I can’t play the video.

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