Shutdown Message Warning On Update?

I want to make a system where if i update the game, a message will popup saying that the servers will get a shutdown in a minute. But i don’t know how to do that, could you help me? Thanks if you do :+1:


This gives you the code for it. You can just delay the shutdown for a minute.


There is no way of “delaying” a shutdown with Soft Shutdown, the only thing Soft Shutdown does is showing a message when Roblox is shutting the server down (requested by the developer) and teleporting players to a new, updated server.

Wouldn’t editing line 51 delay the reboot? I’ll go experiment with it now.

EDIT: You can get around 30 seconds of a shutdown delay before roblox steps in and automatically kills the server(s).

Yeah, I don’t think line 51 delays the game shutdown. It seems to delay the player teleporting to the a reserve server, though, which would also be pointless if the game had already shutdown first.

Yeah that’s right, i can see that before that it is saying the Rebooting servers message.

If you test the script in-game, here is what happens with line 51 edited:

  • The developer (you) shuts down the game via Roblox.
  • A message appears on screen saying Rebooting servers for update. Please wait
  • If line 51 is edited the following can happen
    • If it’s over ~30 seconds, Roblox will automatically kill the server with the generic shutdown message.
    • If it is under or is 30 seconds, your message will display, the user will then be sent to a reserve server until servers have had a chance to die and then they will be teleported to a new server.