Silent Shadow Ban On Games!

I am writing to express my concern regarding the visibility of my recently released game. Despite being a public game, it is inexplicably absent from search results. I have enlisted the help of other users to search for the game, but it fails to appear altogether.

Given the significant investment of over 5,000 USD in advertising, I am deeply disappointed by this issue on Roblox’s technical side. I am uncertain whether it is an engine bug or a website glitch. I kindly request your prompt attention to investigate and address this matter before my resources go to waste.

Thank you for your immediate assistance in resolving this matter !

Expected behavior

My game should be coming up in search results but even though its public it cannot be found at all.

Page URL:

A private message is associated with this bug report


I agree. Roblox’s system is completely rigged


try scrolling down and see if you found the game

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Its like my game never existed idk what is going on i cant find it anywhere


I saw your ad multiple times on the website


This happened to my game, Find The Erasers, and the player count went from 2k to 30 in 3 days.


Ever since that happened, I quit development on it

most recently published games take (quite) a bit of time to show up on the roblox search, something about the engine indexing it.

this may relate to your issue:


Try to remove the “Tags” section in your description. Roblox doesn’t approve of those kind of things and shadow bans your game because of that.


there is a game that isnt shadow banned and it has tags

Consider checking this out:

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looks like roblox is trying to fix this


Hi @Zenokei, thanks for reporting the issue!

Please note that these are the common reasons for an experience not showing up in search results.

  1. When publishing a new experience, it can take multiple days to appear in content discovery surfaces like search.
  2. After updating your experience’s metadata (including title and description), it may take up to 14 days for your experience to repopulate in discovery pages and search results.

As you can see, your experience is now showing up among the top search results not just for the query “shadow boxing fights”, but other queries such as “boxing fight”, “boxing fights”, “shadow boxing”, “shadow boxing fight”, “shadow boxing fighter”, etc.


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