Skinned MeshPart Studio Beta

@NerfLambdaWarrior120, The mesh limit is 10k.


@MalosVindictus and @NerfLambdaWarrior120

Just to clarify…
The mesh limit is 10k tris with this beta. No MeshPart can have more than 10k tris.
The rig limit refers to the sum of all the tris in the parts for 1 import.

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Is there gonna be a future update where do you increase it from 10k to something like maybe 50k like what you guys did in the avatar evolution studio build?

Yes, that would be pretty useful, i don’t like using decimate everytime to reduce polys for insert a simple mesh in the studio


There is discussion of increasing to a 20k limit - but I can not give you a timeline.

The AvatarEvolution Studio Beta limit should not have been set so high.
There is no guarantee that mesh with over 10k tris will render correctly.


So far we’ve had no major problems! Here’s a procedural character generator we created using skinned meshparts. It swaps out assets and instantly applies the transformation like a dream. Excited to see this feature go live!



Yeah then all the triangles bulge on the mesh and it looks super ugly.

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you just need to have topology that’s purposefully made to be deformed. this boils down to saving your geometry for certain joints, and having those joints follow a certain edge flow that deforms well.

TR phoenix - Download Free 3D model by 3axap (@3axapV) [3cc4a59] - Sketchfab This is one of the character models from CS:S (and if you haven’t played it, the models deform fine). Notice the tri count - 5015 tris. Your player model can have double the tri count of this. Press 5 while in the Sketchfab viewer to enable wireframe display, and look at the topology on the elbows - it may be clearer to see without the triangulation, you can un-triangulate with Alt+J if you import it into Blender. If you have the right topology and do a good job skinning the mesh, you shouldn’t have too many issues at 10K tris with bulging when animating ordinary poses/actions.

Check these videos out as well.


that is a split character in parts right ?

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Yep! It all uses the same character rig, but the actual imported meshes only cover pre-determined sections of the body. The meshes are also split by color so the skins can be retextured in more detail.

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How do I add bones to a Roblox model in blender? I’ve tried and it says it’s having a problem with 1 or 2 bones

Epic I can’t wait to Make Epic Things with this

I remember in the beta version of studio, that i think they depricated, when the mesh deformation was new, the poly count was raised from 10k to 30k… is that gonna be a thing when this update goes live? Cause the extra 20k poly’s really opens a lot of doors.

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My skinned mesh appears to be disappearing in certain camera angles. Is this my own fault when creating the mesh, or an issue with skinned meshes?


If the mesh wasn’t being animated, would this be the angle at which your camera goes inside the mesh?

When will this go live? I am most certainly excited to begin using this for my creations.

I think that’s unlikely. It just disappears depending on which angle you’re looking at a face from. It doesn’t do this with skinned meshes disabled. The mesh appears to still do this even if the bones are removed, which makes me feel that it isn’t an issue with how I’ve rigged.




@ZeExplosion - this is a known issue. A fix is coming.


@Noble_Draconian My understanding is that only select packages will be updated, but that could change.


:frowning: That’s unfortunate.

I hope so! It’d be cool if my avatar could benefit from the new avatar features that are coming out.

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