Skinned MeshParts are live!

Check your parenting in Blender (part to armature with deform), but I agree, this should not be happening.

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One of my guys are having the same issue, recently with scaling, i’m also having a scaling issue, where the Skin mesh it self, leaves the “Box”, all was working fine before, but ever since a couple updates in, Roblox be acting up, even before roblox went offline for a bit, not a clue what their doing, thought it was something to do with beta but turned that off, and still having same issus

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That is the exact same issue I’m having, I’ll see it its fixed later.

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Yeah i’ve emailed them about it, but they keep giving me silly links, to restart my PC, Reinstall roblox, already did all of this still no fixes, but yeah, no clue hopefully they fix it soon, as this happened to me before roblox went offline, i’d say a week or two before hand can’t remember exactly but was due to a update they did.


Hello - @HammerWorks and @Xepois would one of you mind creating a bug report for this issue? If you are not able to create a bug report can you post to this message box Bug support - DevForum | Roblox and we will take it from there and investigate further.

Thank you in advance!


I am having trouble scaling bones, along with the mesh.
I saw a post on the beta page with code to do this…

However it only seems to work for a ‘universal’ scale, not scaling on different axis.
The scale in Studio seems to do this correctly, but I can not seem to get it to work in code.
Is there any Roblox Staff that can give some help or insight into this?
Here is where I posted my issue…


Hello! thanks for replying, But if you could kindly, take the video link i had posted there, and send it to your team that would be great. <<< current bug issue, only found when using “Avatar Import” “Custom” Skin mesh

I’ve sent a Message to the place you located, hopefully its looked into and fixed.

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Great news a fix may be this week coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: for the issue we are having

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That’s good, I have a growing list of vehicles I need to rig!


I will repost my request here, as this is a skinned mesh issue as well. Can we get the rig setup for the skinned mesh facial animations? The R15 rigs are available to view.

I know everything is in its infancy, but I would like to see if I can build in compatibility.

Where is the Skinned R15?

I was told that ROBLOX would release it but it´s been months and ROBLOX hasnt releasing it.

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What would you define as the skinned R15? They released the S15 Lola, in the original post, which is straightforward enough. Then they hinted at the S1 model (R15 compatible single mesh) being incompatible with the animation editor.

The latter part is untrue. I’ve cracked the S1 model in blender. It’s really weird, so I understand why they didn’t have an immediate solution. I have it on my to-do list to write up a tutorial on it.

Is that what you are looking for?

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Skinned R15 = Non-Rthro S15

Hope you will understand what i am talking about.

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It sounds like maybe you are looking for older models to have skinned mesh compatibility? I havent heard news about that.

Have you looked at the new wraparound clothing? I believe that produces a skinned mesh result on top of non-skinned avatars. Might be a workaround

How exactly do I skin the meshes? Like how would I make the rigs?

Its fixed! my dude, lets get to it!

Basically, you need to use a program like blender. You need a mesh and an armature, then you need to weight the vertexes of your mesh to that armature. Then you export it to FBX, import it into Roblox and you are ready to go! Skinned mesh!

(yes, its a lot of work) :smiley:

I’m sorry but I really only know the basics of blender. Is there a way you can simplify that? I’m very sorry.

It is unfortunately way too complicated to teach. Searching for “skinned mesh blender” in YouTube will give you a whole slew of tutorials. But the simple explanation is that every vertex in your mesh must be assigned to a bone in your rig.

This single vertex will 100% follow the UpperTorso bone.

You will need to learn quite a bit about blender to get here. I was proficient in blender and modeling before I started animation.


Can we please have IK Bone Support for Roblox? It’s currently way too complicated to to have an IK Solver Script which cannot be used with Blender Animations in Roblox. When you try to import a rig with IK Bones in Roblox, it removes their IK properties and treats them as normal bones. This needs to change for things like footplanting to be done with ease. Please implement IK Bone system. Thanks.