Skydiving Script

Hello everyone!

I have a quick question.

I want to make a (realistic) skydiving script, but I have no idea how I could even start making one. Any suggestions on how I could go about making one?

Also, keep in mind that I don’t have a strong understanding of math in regards to game development.


Btw, I want it to be similar to skydiving from Battle Royale games (although, not for a BR game).


For the skydiving, you’d need to create an animation. You could do something like if they click a certain button they jump out of a plane or whatever and play the animation as they are falling down.

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A simple solution, you can use a BodyVelocity that always aim downwards towards the surface, and leave the MaxForce on the x and z axis on 0 to allow the players to move freely and use animation keys. Should be simple to use BodyVelocity and doesn’t require a lot of math.


May I know what the animation keys are supposed to be for?

If you’re making a simplistic skydiving script you can add a looping skydiving animation to your character to make it look like it’s skydiving through the air and maybe use a BodyGyro as well to make it tilt when it’s moving left and right.

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