Slight rant — The problem with the Roblox devforum in 1 picture

I do agree with your point.

I also feel like there’s definitely been a push for official announcements and platform updates when one of the biggest things Roblox seems to be pushing elsewhere is community, like creations and even UGC popping up recently. I’d like to see quality community posts as soon as I open the DevForum. Like I’m basically talking about things that other people might call “unofficial” articles, things like that. There’s a lot of potential for new interactions with the forum there. However, when I do see the occasional unofficial article I end up finding it through Twitter or quite a few more clicks into the DevForum.


I agree, its not the ease of access. Its the mindset. That is the problem. ROBLOX is kind of forcing this mindset on DevForum users. To discuss this way, act this way, and while it may have been a clean thought in concept, it has backfired and created an usefulness and problematic community.


I feel this is especially so as a New Member. I can assume 99% of us are humans, therefore, we are not perfect.
At this point I’m hesitant to post anywhere within the Developer Forums, even if I’m trying my best to help out. People here are vicious. I could spend hours on a single post, but if I make one teensy tiny itty-bitty mistake, WHO-HOA, who’s the idiot at the end of the day? You guessed correctly.
Whenever I come here, I always leave with the same displeasure and lack of self-esteem as I always do, always did. Constructive criticism is nonexistant here. There’s no such thing as making an error and having it actually explained to you. Even worse, some people feel the need to harass us New Members with the flagging system. Take for example:

WHOAA!!! He actually said “Thank you!” Instead of clicking that small, obvious ‘<3’ button. FLAG! FLAG!!!

We all know that one guy. It’s absolutely outrageous that we can’t say, “Thanks!” Without being penalized. I’ve already gotten a flagged post for simply thanking the engine devs for their painstaking accomplishments. But since it’s clearly offtopic, you feel the need to flag.
Hey! Aren’t there categories specifically for feature suggestions and bug reports? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyways, enough rambling. This topic has grown significantly since I started writing, so there are definitely some points already stated by other people. Until the forums change significantly, I’m gonna continue laying low. All I use this for are beta features, and I definitely don’t want to be removed from the DevForums for breaking any not-so-obvious rules.


The sad part is your not even the first person I’ve met that is afraid of posting because there may be some hidden rule in the hundreds of posts about DevForum they will break and get a strike and get kicked out. It’s a terrible thing to be afraid of, especially being the fact all of us originally only joined this forum to support others, get help, and build an awesome community. But instead, we’ve formed this community of fear.


This point has been made an innumerable amount of times. I’ll just point out that Quenty’s point is that the forums lack deep discussion, not that people are vicious (thus you are slightly off-topic FLAG!!!).

To your point, flags under #public:public-updates-announcements for saying thank you (or something along those lines) are because they lack any intrinsic meaning to them. It is generally better to ask a question or go into detail when responding there. That being said, this has been a major topic of discussion in this community - what should and shouldn’t be accepted in responses to engineers.

There are rules (which I’m sure you’ve read) and if a post breaks these in any way it’s flagged. While I can certainly agree there are users who prioritize themselves and can be very rude, you should think very carefully before each post - considering its usefulness and relevance.

I’d be happy to talk with you about this - since it’s off-topic under this thread, feel free to PM me with other questions.


You know whats the funniest thing about this thread? 30 replies, constantly growing for almost I think the past hour, yet not even one post on the negation side of this argument. I think that point speaks for it self.


My problem is how limited automated tracking is. I can’t track users and keywords like I can track tags (useless) or categories (too broad). If I can search for “API dump in:first” or “@EgoMoose” and sort by latest, I should be able to just track those threads automatically. This would make finding the interesting topics trivial.

I also think that DMs are underutilized. The feature set easily allows for chatty discussions like you might find on Discord, but everyone seems to treat it like email instead. Maybe it’s because the interface says “you are going to talk directly with this person be professional I guess” rather than “you are having a party and this person is invited, go nuts”.


To state my opinion on the matter:

I totally agree (and have for a while) that the forums lack discussion. I love reading through the lounge posts (or old dev support posts) asking developers about their goals, past, etc. It’s fascinating to see and hear the different stories from people you look up to or people you work with and it makes the community and better (and closer) place.

While I haven’t thought about this problem to the extent that @Quenty has (and kudos for the detailed article and post about it - we need people who can professionally state problems), I have considered this before. One of my thoughts was to create a weekly questionnaire of sorts. I would propose a question (meaningful, relevant, and discussion-invoking) and have developers answer it.

I think that would be great because it would encourage people to visit weekly to answer as well as learn about others they know and respect. It would let people know each other better and younite the community overall. I would love to start doing this, so I’ll ask here what y’all think (feel free to DM me a question about it).

Please understand (I’m sure this will be your first thought) that these won’t be generic question posts like “how did you start developing” or “what are your goals”. I will think about them throughout the week to develop a thought-provoking, unique question.

What do y’all think of a weekly questionnaire?

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  • Bad Idea

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EDIT: Sorry for re-doing poll, please vote again you two :hidere:


Well I do agree that the organization of the forum most certainly doesn’t prioritize discussion I heavily disagree that the forum lacks discussion.

There are tons of things that I have read here and learned about that I would have never had the opportunity to know had these forums not existed. I can’t personally say I’ve ever had the toxic experiences that others have mentioned in this thread (and I’d like to hope I don’t perpetuate them), but I don’t doubt they exist.

However, it’s been my experience that discord or other places of discussion are no better if not worse. Aside from one to one discussions I can’t think of an example where I’ve learned something new in a discord server. Don’t even get me started on the occasional rudeness I see not only directed at myself but to other users.

I think the forum does need adjustments mainly in the organization of what is visible on the main page, but I think what the forum needs more of is people contributing good discussion and setting examples of non-toxic behavior.

This can most certainly happen, but I think to know why it’s not we need to focus on a key point Quenty just brought up:

Seemingly, most of the “deep discussion” has migrated to private one on one conversations. I can also attest to this. It’s SOOO much more interesting to have a discussion with a dev who has the background knowledge and has done their homework. Sometimes on the forum it can feel like you might be answering something and realize that the audience is out of their depth and most of what you’re saying is falling on deaf ears.

So how do we alleviate this? Well I mean really to answer this question is the same as answering a problem as old as time itself; the classic game theory problem “the prisoner’s dilemma”.

Let’s assume there are just two good contributors on the forum. They’re happiest when they are both contributing to the forum b/c they can answer each other questions and just talk about interesting things in general. If however one of them stops contributing and just reads then the one who is contributing is getting the short end of the stick. They aren’t learning anything new and they’re spending time and effort making posts with no return to themselves. Very noble and altruistic, but I think we can all agree that sucks for that guy.

So what ends up happening is neither of the good contributors contribute. In the case of two people they’d go to discord and strike up conversation there and since it’s only two people this is actually equal in utility to using the forums. However, crank that number of people up to say 500 and now discord is not ideal. The conversations are fragmented and nobody is getting the full picture of interesting/good discussion. So what’s to be done?

Well game theory says the solution is to have contributing to the forums be more utility maximizing than just sitting and watching from the sidelines while literally everyone else participates. Kind of a tough hurdle to overcome, eh? Yet I’d be willing to bet it’s the underlying principle behind the solution tag, likes, and badges/roles that can be earned. If the chance to earn these “rewards” provides enough utility to a user it’s possible they may want to contribute as opposed to watch from the sidelines because of them. I don’t honestly think this is a good enough incentive, but I think outright abolishing them is not a step in the right direction.

I think what truly will make the most difference is big devs making conscious decisions to not maximize their utility. No doubt it’s hard, it goes against our nature as humans.

It’s easy to say “Bleh! The dev forums suck”, and then not contribute to them. Instead, make the effort to share any useful information you come up with in private conversations and in time people will hopefully migrate to where you post it.

tldr; be the change you want to be!


:+1: Points taken, I think your information could have gone in a very different thread and still would’ve been very useful (especially to users new to the forum, like me).

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This isn’t exactly going to happen if the forums don’t change to make an act like this appropriate. Its all in the focus and mindset of this community, and its geared toward being right. Until we remove this failed impersonating system of a social media type instant satisfaction, this will not happen as no one will be determined to meet this goal. The forums them self must adjust to our community and developers. And while I agree there have been helpful moments in the DevForum, it can be much better then it actually is at the moment, and that is the primary focus of this thread.

I do see your point, but while you have not faced these experiences, there is no denying that the others who have replied here have. This would not be such a prominent thread if not otherwise. It is nothing but disappointing to see how new members and less eminent people such as you are treated and how they feel leaving this forum by members of this forum.

I am not implying that Discord is a suitable replacement for the forums. If that was the case this whole thread would be kind of useless. But that example was used to explain how DevForum can be a lot more then it is now. DevForum has a better potential of leaving Discord in the dust, and the whole point of this discussion is to achieve that goal and utilize DevForum as it should be.

This is admirable of you. But from what I’ve seen, people have tried. But the forums are too big a community, and it seems each time someone tries the majority fight back in an undesired way. Until the main flow and mindset of this forum and community change, this is not much of a realistic goal.

I can say the dev forums are good, but I can also say its bad and find reasons for both. But when the bad parts get a little bit to apparent, the community stepping in and trying to make DevForum even better then it can be is a good thing. And I for one am supporting a better DevForum.


I 100% agree with everything you said! :grin:

I don’t claim to have the perfect solution, but I think it’s worth noting looking at the general flow of this thread a good chunk of the posts here are people venting. This okay and understandable, but it’s important a healthy balance between venting and potential solutions is maintained else nothing productive will come from this thread.


This is going to be more or less my personal experience on the forums with a little of my opinion on some topics discussed within this post. I want to finish this off of course with how I feel, but first my experience.

Being a person who very infrequently replies to posts for whatever reason, I’m inclined so much to reply to this because I feel like I have so much yet so little to say on this topic. I’ve not been an active member on the forum for long, although I’ve been a member just browsing for a bit over a year probably closer to two years now, so I feel like I’ve been more a spectator to some of these issues brought up in this discussion while not being an active participant in them.

I browse the forums 99% of the time on mobile viewing at anything “New”(which is how I came across this post), and the few responses I’ve done on posts, usually pertaining to Scripting Support, have mostly been through my phone, so I’ve never gotten the chance to send like major script support on people’s issues. I have no personal feelings on the titles given to people through activity and likes, but I can definitely understand the issue that can arise from this on any platform, or anything really that someone can gain any status within. Of the many posts I’ve read, I can say for certain that I don’t see specific figures sticking out, excluding one singular name that unfortunately resonates negatively with me, as rather toxic, or problematic abusers of the system and it’s titles.

I heavily agree that reorganizing the forums in a way that focuses more on promoting active discussion on topics that are more relevant to the members would do nothing but benefit the community, and secondary topics of course still having their own places still presented preferably on the same page, just not obstructing the meat of the meal we’re trying to get into and digest.

Personally, I’d like Roblox to really sit down and start asking themselves, and then of course the community, just what is a good forum. I think as a community, this forum can become a much more powerful tool for not only supporting developers creating and improving their games, or learning new tricks of the trade, or even just browsing a quick update release, but forging bonds between the members. Going down the line, I think recreating the forums in a way that properly supports everyone both in craft and communal actions would be nothing short of spectacular, and the suggestions written all over this post are fine examples of improvements that should be considered if ever Roblox sits down on this subject.

My apologies for the somewhat lengthy reply that may or may not have been inconsistent in some places. So much for so little to say on this topic. :sweat_smile:


Apologies again for this extra tag onto my old post, but I just wanted to state this because it may be something others may be going through. I’ve never been one to use any forums on any platform whatsoever, so the term itself is essentially a mystery to me.

@Quenty defined in his post the term forum: “A forum is a place of discussion.”

I honestly have never thought of the forums or used them as that such thing, so I’ve essentially detached myself from being apart of the real solution, which is rather unfortunate because I’m not doing any better for the community than if I weren’t even on the platform. I had been using the forums exclusively as a support center built off community members, but not as a place of discussing anything, not even those issues of support. I felt almost as if I had replied to a post incorrectly, I’d be assaulted on the spot by moderation. This isn’t due to stiff ruling or anything of the sort, just the impression I developed myself due to my own actions(or lack there of) and use of the forums.

This is honestly a bit eye opening to using the forums for active discussion far beyond simple How To's, so I definitely want to thank Quenty for creating this post, and at the very least to anyone who reads, encourage you to jump into posts that appeal to you, and maybe those you are uncertain of, and start discussing. Be apart of the movement to strengthen the community, and then with this strength invoke change.


I don’t really use the DevForum that much but look at topics and portfolios but I highly agree with you. It is more of a webpage with information rather than actual discussions with other community members. I mean I’m a developer that looks for conversations, I like talking to fellow people about what they are doing and how they are doing. While looking at the DevForum to see topics and other related stuff I never see any topics about what people are building/scripting/modeling/etc and that’s discussions I would want to see in a forum page, I mean I understand that there is the portfolio where developers can share their creations with other developers and receive feedback but that’s something different.

Although what I say others will take in their own way which is highly appreciated. There are several things I think the DevForum should have. Anyway, this is just how I deeply feel about the DevForum, but you are not the only one feeling this.


I used to come to the forums all the time in 2013-2017. I very much enjoyed reading through problems that people were having and other developers’ solutions to those problems or new workarounds that people found for existing problems on the platform. I kind of stopped using the forums as much in 2018 with really no rhyme or reason why. I feel like after reading this it was because all of the content that I enjoyed reading so much either stopped existing, got hidden behind pinned posts, or maybe a little bit of both. If I got stuff like that shoved in my face when I came here I’d probably use the forums way more than I do. At this point I usually just hop on, see if there’s anything new in Public Updates, and then head on my way.


I agree with most of your points but I have my own personal view on the quality of posts and particularly new members and the growth of the group. I know plenty of new members who have been consistent on the forum and deserve a place here. I know that most developers are trying to learn and improve their skills, but I can’t help that feel that the forum grew is growing too big, too fast.

There is a definite correlation between the opening up of this community and the average member maturity levels slightly lowering. Adding new members is great and I am all for adding new members, especially if they have something to contribute, but in my opinion, the automation process doesn’t guarantee that new people read the rules, nor know the standards required when making threads in the support sections or anywhere in the forum. The knock on effect is that if one user is doing it, then another will most certainly copy them and it goes on in a circle (it’s only human nature).

There needs to be more education and more focus on making sure people know what is expected of them. If I remember correctly, part of the reason why the bar of entry for member was so high in the past was to filter through the masses to find the people that will contribute and have something to put forward into the community. In order to get into the forum in the past, you had to demonstrate your passion in development through your work on the site, but right now, some of the support you get in the solution sections of the forum, is really unhelpful. Some individuals don’t read the questions asked and frequently provide vague and really unhelpful answers. Some don’t even answer the question at all.

In short, there should be a more consistent attitude when it comes to helping people and assisting people. Right now, some people don’t make very well informed solutions, and some people also ask questions that already have a solution. While the forum staff can make minor changes to assure the rules are read, stuff like this require a change in mindset from the community. I can only hope that people do change, but that can only start if we do something about it.



Firstly, I welcome the interface changes to the DevFourms, ensuring that the right kind of topics are up front and easy for new and current members to travel through. I’m lucky in respect I know how to handle issues like pins and sections which simply don’t apply to my day to day use of the DevFourms.

Personally, whenever I post or view the DevFourms I hope to push at least one of 4 goals (to teach, to learn, to improve, or to remind) I have for the DevFourms.
I want to teach people new things and tell them about a new idea or concept which they may not know or isn’t thought about as much; I want to also learn from others and see what they feel and have learnt; along with improve, improving myself, others, Roblox and as a platform; finally to remind you about ideas and concepts which you may have forgot. This doesn’t always occur but it’s something I want to push forward.

For me, seeing the same repetitive stuff on each thread does bore me to some respect and ruins the word, seeing the same phase used over and over and over again. But I don’t believe that it’s always the fault of the person, but rather than lack of options on that respect. I find that thanking me in private away from a thread is much better than thanking me in a thread and that get flagged; even then there could be inconsistencies with some threads having it more than not.

Sometimes I do question if my work is ready for the public and here on the DevFourms, some of the private reactions to my work have created this kind of fear. The fear of, without the use of a better term, completely shitting on without true criticism. On top of that, I have some serious concerns over the Roblox developer mindset in regards to what I’ve seen both here on Roblox, on the DevFourms, at RDC and off Roblox itself. (But let’s make stay on topic)

I want the rules to always be clear and any of these hidden rules to be made clear. I admit I can be harsh with flagging but I also try and reach out and just point them in the right direction with minor things. These days, I don’t even bother to check if you’re a member or a new member, it doesn’t matter to me.

Like @Mariofly5 suggested, education is also important to ensure that when you enter into the DevFourms, you at least know the basics and the rules. In a way that’s clear and understandable for all.

Even outside of that, the issue feels quite deeply engraved into the ethos of the DevFourms and will requite a lot of work and change, which many may find too far.

In the end, I want the DevFourms to be a positive community, where we bring people up using our wide range of ideas to improve each other and push for cool creations which people feel little fear in posting.

If there is anything here in this post or my history of the DevFourms that you want to privately discuss it, you’re more than welcome than to PM me, DM me on Discord (railworks2#0001), Twitter, email, whatever.


After reading this thread, it made me think deeply about myself. If you have seen me on the forums before, it was most likely in Development Discussion contributing to a debate. I’ve always believed my arguments were formal and mature, but could they have offended someone? Could I have put someone down too much? Could I have been too nit-picky or gone too in-depth?

Also, on the point of saying “Thank you” instead of a heart: I actually fought for a bit on the “thank you” side a few months ago when it was a big topic; I brought out that those few words mean way more than a number on your post. But recently, this has changed for the worse: The hearts actually mean more. Just like on social media, these hearts give you status. This ruins the idea of a close-knit community; it ruins the person-to-person communication and reduces it to a number.

Civilized discussions like this are what I love and value the most; I am most active on these sorts of threads (most time they are on Development Discussion). I feel like effort is more appreciated here and the quality of posts are higher (perhaps due to New Members needing Post Approval). I feel like I actually learn things there and am respected. I honestly feel that people will look past the fact that I am a New Member (and any spelling mistakes) and look at what I am saying as a whole and comment on that; People will do research and give a constructive counter-argument (or even contribute to my argument) and help me learn another side of the coin. Most importantly, people will respect your opinion and will agree to disagree. To them, relationships mean more than a topic that will eventually become irrelevant, and I really appreciate that. We need more of this on the DevForum. Our goal should not be to climb the ranks but to make and sustain relationships and help each other.

Thank you for having the courage to post this; We all appreciate it, Quenty.
And thank you all for making this an enjoyable, mature, and upbuilding discussion.

Edit: Another example of something frustrating. This great thread apparently got flagged. I’m glad they didn’t spend too much time on it and moved on but the fact it got flagged angers me a lot. This thread was actually very informative and put some light on the abuse of the physics engine, but got flagged in the process? It’s very disappointing.


I think the main problem right now with the dev forums is having to ready entire books worth of opinions on almost every thread. This thread alone has enough words to write a textbook. There is no way most people are going to read 40+ paragraphs…


Over the past few months, I’ve given up on the forum except for occasional check-ins. It is too late, in my eyes, to fix this. That’s why we all meet in discord communities to discuss and debate: Roblox has failed its older users by cutting out dialog.