Small Gigs, Builders, Animators, Modelers and GFX wanted!

About Me

Hi, I’m making a game right now and I need some extra help.

About the gigs

Maps (OPEN)

**Payment 13.5k Robux **
I’m looking for a unique map. You have creative control, it just has to be the same size as the baseplate when you first enter studio. Also don’t make it laggy.

Please send me your building portfolios


Do you have experience making these, If you are interested click below for details.

Pickaxe (Finished)

Payment 275 Robux
I’m looking for a low poly pickaxe. These are some examples of what I’m looking for.

Lucky Block (Finished)

Payment 500 Robux
I’m looking for somthing like this, because this is already in minecraft feel free to switch things up.

Animating R15

Ground Smash (OPEN)

Payment 550 Robux
I’m looking for a animation for a giant who is going to do a one hand ground smash.
Here are some examples of what I’m looking for.
It will be animated on a very large person

Also just use the regular r15 rig

"Boxing Punches / Firebending Punches" (OPEN)

Payment 550 Robux
I’m looking for a boxing punch animation and if you have seen legend of korra, one of those pro firebending punches.

For more specific amounts please look inside the details

How payment is going to work
I will pay you a 25% down payment to get you started. Once you have finished and have showed me, I will pay you the 75%.

My Contact Information
Please send me your portfolios, and which gig you would like to do, I will contact you back with more information.

Discord: sw2003#9344
Message me on the Devforum

thanks for reading this :slight_smile:


How much for gfx position. Is it gonna be by percentage??

I added you in discord, can model that stuff

@JuusesGFX No its going to be a one time payment

Modeling Gigs have been finished
Animation Gigs Open


I can do animation and modeling. So What jobs are available?

I can do GFX. kirsa#4444, I have added you.


I have some animation jobs and I need map builders

New Building jobs


Interested in the builder position. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800.

can you mention some gfx styles you want?

I am interested in animation, my discord is DahRock#9499.

hey dude i’m super interested in the R15 animation and have great comms. I’ll add you on discord.

Heya I can help you with the map very good and have great creativity


I may be able to help you with animation.

Ello, I’m an animator, I’m interested in your jobs.

Hey, I’m interested in builder position i sent friend request,

Contacted you on discord: Friz#0719

Heya it would be a pleasure to help you on this project!

My discord is A1.2trappy#4996

Examples and stuff will be sent on discord

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