Smooth Terrain updates

Oh I was going off of @VolcanoINC’s HeightMapImporter’s print messages… How are you able to generate that much?

I enabled LOD and hacked built-in smooth terrain generator Lua script to make the dimensions bigger than they are currently (I think I made it 3072x3072 voxels or smth like this?) and left it running overnight :slight_smile:

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Some small gaps appear quiet frequently in the LOD meshes:

If you want the place file to inspect, lemme know.

I made the water 4 voxels and it still makes a wall of water on the horizons. Clone’s answer seems to be the case. I see two solutions to this. One reduce the max scale for water in the y direction only. Or two, I deal with it and raise my land mass and have huge beaches. This seems to be a problem in any place with a baseplate of water and parts above, I see this making a headache for a ton of games with water.

I made the water 2 studs further from the land and 5 voxels thick and it seems to have fixed this. Water users beware, land should be at least 8 studs away and water should be at least 5 voxels thick.

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It seems like water material parts would be better for most cases. It would provide more control over water color, flow direction, and should improve performance for large bodies of water. It might get tricky fixing seams for non-rectangular bodies of water and CSG parts though.