Smooth transitions into shift lock

Hello, i’m trying to attempt to make it so when you hold right click, you go into shift lock but it is smooth.

I am aiming to do this with CFrame and CameraType (not actual shift lock) but I don’t know how to approach it. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

I found a topic for you on the forum. I think if you study it you can make a weapon with aim :wink:

Link to the topic.

Also i can offer community Tutorials.
1st Tutorial

2nd Tutorial

I hope this information will help you

Thanks for your help, but I’m looking for how to do this in a 3rd person perspective
Here’s an example, the gun in this clip. When you hold right click, it will zoom into a shift lock like mode:

that looks amazing, i know this post is old but do you mind sharing what you did, because I’m also trying to make it shift lock when aim, but its not working i tried every thing and i cant seem to find a way to enable and disable shift lock in a script