Smoothly Tweening doors

Lately I’ve been having my tweening doors not going as smooth as I’d like, I’ve heard of people syncing the server and the client in order to get that crisp butter smooth opening/closing but I do not know how to do it myself.

Example of the butter smooth door system I’m trying to accomplish:
Go on the Class-D team and open the cell door.


Make sure you arent doing the tween on the server. Check if the tween is being done on the client and if you want it to replicate to the server, you can use remote events to check when it finishes tween/set a timer and do certian events.

Theres also a module called TweenServiceV2 (I think though I forgot) that does the tweening on the client and moves on the server as well.


Yeah TweenServiceV2
The modules changes the state of the object on the server once when the tween on the client has finished playing.

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