So im trying to make a Screen Shake

I’m trying to make a Screen Shake Effect based on distance from the character
I have an NPC that stomps the ground and i want to make it so the closer you are to the enemy when he stomps the ground the stronger the screen shake is, i know how to do a screen shake but i don’t know how to calculate the distance.

You could multiply the screen shake’s power by how far the Player’s distance away from the NPC’s RootPart is. Something like this:

local ShakePower = math.clamp(Player:DistanceFromCharacter(NPCRootPart.Position), 0, 100)
local ShakeSub = 100 - ShakePower
--assuming you know the angling math
CFrame.Angles(Angle * ShakeSub, Angle2 * ShakeSub, Angle3 * ShakeSub)

I suggest you checking Crazyman’s Camera Shake tutorial. (EZ Camera Shake ported to Roblox)

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This works perfectly!
Thanks allot!

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