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Group 2

Hello there! Welcome to my portfolio. My portfolio representation of all things I’ve learned and accomplished as Roblox Developer in the past years. I have done a lot of stuff that involve in environment design like settings up the scene, creating level for player, creating environment base on real location and fictional and a lot more. I have worked with a lot of people and group such as @sonicschall @Tippenzs @asyrafaimanadib @PresidentRook and more.

Not only that, but I also can speak, write and understanding Malay fluently since that where is my origin from :malaysia: :wave: :grin:

Group 3

Some highlights of my career as Environment Artist


Tohoku - Japan

Region of tohoku in japan (28k x 15k stud)

Link to the game | [❄️🚌🚒 UPDATE!] Tohoku: Northeast Japan - Roblox


An open world map base on Arctic (10k x 10k stud)

The Forest

A small forest for combat (2k x 2k stud)


Small environment design base on real life village style in Malaysia (1.2k x 2k stud)

Lunar Surface

Lunar surface make using heightmap (10k x 12k stud)


A beach base on real life location, Sabah (8k x 10k stud)



Weird Meadow

Link to the game | Typical War - Roblox

Meadow generate using custom heightmap (8k x 7k stud)

Battlefield Desert

Where ocean meet beach and war is going (5k x 8k stud)


Modern Homestore

Homestore inspire by Apple building design language


Small business lot owned by family

School Hallway

Hmm interesting


Cancelled restaurant project

Japanese interior

Just a basic interior

Miami Police Department

Police department and training centre base on real life


Realistic Lighting

Collaboration with @AwaisRBX for lighting

Nissan R34 Garage

Showcasing random R34 found in garage

Podcast Room

Lighting setup for podcast room and surrounding


Kampung Vibe

Lighting setup for homestore and it surrounding area

RTX 2080 TI

Realistic rendering of RTX 2080 TI done in Roblox Studio




I also love taking picture as hobby

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Crescent Moon

Shoot Of Milky Way

Cloud & Sunset

UI Concept

I’m also designing some idea or concept for GUI design

Roblox Studio Redesign

Iris Shader Website Redesign

Roblox Studio UWP Redesign

Group 4

For the payment, It depends on what type of project I will do. If it gets more complex, the price will get higher, but my price is also negotiable. I also accept payments in Robux, PayPal (MYR, USD, GBP, ETC). I am not taking any percentage (%) nor limited, sorry.

Below is starting price for each work I will do. My starting price is based on current devex exchanges. Price may go differently in the future.

Building - 4500 Robux or more | $11.25 or more

Terrain - 7500 Robux or more | $25.25 or more

Lighting - 300 Robux or more | $1.00 or more

Group 5

Since I live in Malaysia, my timezone is GMT +8. I can work between 2–3 hours for work hours, weekdays. Also, you can contact me to ask any questions or info about your project. I will try my best to answer it as fast as possible.

Group 6

You can contact me by direct Message me on Discord or personal message me on Devforum.

My Discord | so1ehee#3187

Group 7

This is some important info you need to know before hiring me

  • Sometimes, I will try to get your feedback on stuff I make, so please reply as fast as possible. So, I can fix or edit it without making the adjustment to the thing already in process, so there will be no time wasted

  • Try to not rush me, for example making a complicated type of building that needs over 2 weeks to complete, but you want it in 4 days. Also, I can cancel your order under any circumstance if I want to.

  • I will deliver the asset like building or terrain using RBLX Files so that you can get full access to the place. While for lighting, you need to invite me into the game. (Team Create)

  • Sometimes there is a usage of free model or resource pack from #resources:community-resources for something that I can’t do, for example, tree, car, and other thing. I will make sure everything is virus free before adding it’s into your games

  • To maintain high quality work, I personally will be taking only one or two commission at same time, depends on situation and the complexity of the project itself. I will try my best to follow the deadline of the project

Thank you for taking the time to visiting my portfolio. Cheer


Do you make the trees yourself in the terrain?

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Nope, Some of the assets are from the toolbox, that why I am not really taking much Robux

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so1ehee, lovely person to work with she did a commission for me everything went smoothly,
the building she developed for me was built perfectly.


I hired so1ehee for a terrain. She did an amazing job, quick services and affordable prices.

Would hire again.


I hired so1ehee to work on some Japanese terrain for my upcoming restaurant game. Her work on the terrain and lighting was absolutely phenomenal and I am very happy that I chose to work with her. She was very cooperative, respectful, and helpful throughout the entirety of our project. I would most definitely hire her again and recommend her to anyone.


I commissioned so1ehee to make rooms for a house. She quickly adapted to the requirements of the project and made any changes I asked for. Definitely someone to consider if you’re looking for a builder.


Its very good for me, the seller has good communication.

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I commissioned him to make a cloud ParticleEmitter. It’s very high quality and he’s very easy to communicate with, would recommned to someone looking for a developer who responds quickly.

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I hired so1ehee for terrain, delivered very quickly and the map looks very good, price is also very reasonable. Recommended.

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I hired this guy and I can say his work is very good. Keep it up.


Open for quick commission hit me DM for more e.e

Only accepting USD at the moment, Open for doing terrain and lighting at the moment, sorry about that

Please make sure you make it clear that you use free models in your builds. Thanks! The usage of free models in builds really makes a change.

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Hi! I’ve sent you a friend request(jhn#1111), thanks!

She is an amazing builder, she delivered the end product quickly and fufilled all of my requests. I would recommend to anyone 10/10.

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Roblox forces us to use talent hub but it’s still not polished… please Roblox bring back reply button on here