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What does your chattag data look like?
Are there any errors?

i meant to change the colours of the rainbow chat colours to something else, but I managed to do it, thanks tho

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I would unironically use this on my game. This is awesome!

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Any way to fix the Rainbow chat tag? As shown in the 2nd gif you have posted for some reason, it only shows the rainbow colors in the bubble chat but not in the actual chat itself.

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May I see your TagData? I assume it’s because the data is only there for the Bubble and not the channels themselves.

This is what I have so far.

Is there anything in your console?

Hello everyone! :wave:

It’s been a while since I posted an update:uhh:

Where was I?

During the majority of this month I have been on a hiatus to deal with things that I needed to take care of. However, I am happy to say that I am BACK IN BUSINESS! :tada:

While I was on hiatus, I took a moment to reconsider my views for SocialChat. Here’s what will happen with SocialChat in the following weeks/month!

Sections :scroll:

Each category has been seperated into it’s own section as a means of organization.

About the Terminal Panel

Originally, I posted a sneak peak which originally presented the possibility of a Developer Panel for easier developing. However, this may not be present in the initial release of SocialChat v2.

I would rather this be it’s own resource instead of intigrating it into SocialChat v2 to both cut down on development time, and to better focus on what SocialChat is truly designed for - maximizing social features in games.

I hope to be able to make a seperate Control Panel for developers in the future!

Support for SocialChat

While SocialChat remains, and will always remain a FREE open-sourced resource for all developers, I would still like to make something out of my work. Self-driven motivation can only go so far, and I would like to ask for a little support as this is a resource made by one developer (myself).

Here are a few ways you can help with SocialChat’s development!

  • Providing Feedback on the resource
  • Purchasing donation products to help with future development. (links will change during the release of SocialChat v2)
  • Bringing people to the resource by spreading the word

All help is appreciated!

Cutting active support for SocialChat v1

SocialChat’s first release was something I never expected to blow up in the way it did. However, it is far from finished and I believe it can be improved over time. SocialChat v1 was fairly robust and the API is fairly unpolished, hence why I will no longer provide support for SocialChat v1 on these forums. Other experienced developers may suggest help, but I will personally no longer actively help those who may need support on these forums.

Although, you may find better ways to contact me for help/support on the official SocialChat development Server! (must be 13+ to enter)

Developer Notes :globe_with_meridians:

While there is no secured deadline for the release of SocialChat v2; I believe I will be able to work on the resource again in the following weeks. As mentioned previously, you may join the support server for active communication related to SocialChat development!

I estimate the release of v2 to be around the corner, but if it takes longer please note that I am most likely perfecting it as much as possible. My priority with this resource is not entirely to help developers turn a profit, but rather, to help new developers get into programming by using the easy to use API provided with the resource.

I wish you all the best, and thank you for reading! I hope to see you all during the release of SocialChat v2! :wink:


Can’t wait to see v2! The first one was really cool, hoping the second is better (especially setting it up, i went through so much to set it up a while back).

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I’m glad you enjoyed v1! :happy3:

Was there anything in that version of SocialChat that made it difficult for you to configure?

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Will there be support for Adonis?


In the future? Potentially.

The initial release of SocialChat v2 will most likely not come with support for any admin systems. However, I do plan on eventually releasing seperate extensions for popular admin systems like Adonis and HD Admin!

Mainly just getting it to work, that’s all. The rest was easy. Though, some parts of configuration was a bit difficult, but that’s about it.

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This is a fabulous creation! It is truly extremely helpful in most cases. The only thing that could possibly be added is a global chat option.


Understandable! I would like to know more about the difficulties you may have faced during the configuration of Social Chat.

If you wouldn’t mind adding me on Discord (Cos#5856) OR messaging me privately on the forums, it would be greatly appreciated! :happy3:

I’m glad you like the resource! :wink:

Could you clarify on what you mean by a “Global Chat System”? To my knowledge, all messages should be accessible to all users regardless of their location in a given server. :thinking:

For example, if somebody was to chat in one server, the message would appear in another server’s chat as well.

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Ah I getcha! This is something that would have to be handled individually by developers. Everyone has a different use-case for their games, hence why I would prefer to leave it up to them.

If you’re interested in integrating something like this for yourself, you may look into it alongside the SocialChat API!

I apologize to those who tried joining the SocialChat support server earlier but couldn’t. :sweat:
A new link has been posted which does work. I hope to see you all soon!

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SocialChat v2 has released! Please reference v2 for further updates. Thank you all for your support in v1! :happy3:

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