Soft Shutdown Script

This post inspired me to implement my own version of this into Ghost Simulator before we released, but I didn’t know how effective it would truly be. After the game blew up, we needed to put out a fix at some point to fix some rare purchasing errors. We fearfully reset the servers at 3AM with 40,000 players online…and lost virtually no one! Thank you so much for this, man!

Moral of the story: This soft-shutdown system should be as top priority on your development checklist as ProcessReceipt.


If data save was a bindable, could you tweak the script to save data before teleporting them?

Of course. I personally didn’t follow the given script at all; I just followed the general concept of transferring players to a temporary reserved server when the servers shut down.


It really did work well for our game, Ghost Simulator. We were stressing so much about it and didn’t lose any players.


Very nice way to do this, and is better then those admin clients

I’m currently using this script in my game and it’s working perfectly. I’m only losing ~10-20 concurrent players every time I shutdown servers.

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What % of players is this usually?

~10% for me, I had ~200 concurrent players when I shutdown all of the servers in my game.

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Does this still work for anyone? When I shutdown the game I do not get teleported to a reserved server. ROBLOXs server shutdown prompt just occurs.

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It has been working in the game that I use it in. Where are you putting the script in?

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It works perfectly fine for all of my games, I’ve never really had any issues with it. Make sure you’ve placed it in ServerScriptService, and you’re not using a LocalScript.


It’s been a while, but I’d suggest to use PartyTP so that the whole server stays together. (:


With the new shutdown screen having a ‘Reconnect’ button— does softshutdown make a difference?

Good idea— as it’s on GitHub, you can make a PR with this added!


I mean I use it like any other script in ServerScriptService. It’s just I get the Reconnect screen instead of being teleported.

This has only happened to me maybe once or twice throughout the hundreds of times I’ve used it. Are you using the actual script that was found here or somebody else’s that has been republished? People tend to mess around with things before republishing them.

No I only use merelys lol. I don’t use other republishes. However, I only tested 4 times.

If I am correct, parties are depreciated.

This Soft Shutdown Script helped me with my game a lot, I can shutdown and test my game again without having to rejoin by myself.

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Do we still have to use this since there’s a “Migrate To Latest Update” option instead of shut down all servers?

Right now the “Migrate To Latest Update” button acts like another shut down in my experience + what players in our game experienced, so yes.

I imagine since there was no announcement for a feature as significant as that, it’s indicative that the feature isn’t finished yet.