SOLVED] Cursor won't show when Player dies/resets

Also sorry I am amongst a game.

Try to bring your model to other blank place, and test it out. Because i think that this issue is caused by other scripts that might use UserInputService.MouseIconEnabled as well.

Also delete this script in StarterPlayerScripts(‘CursorClient’) as it wont affect on mouse.

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I don’t think I gave you the full I just realized, let me try again hopefully the outcome will be different.

Looks like there is a problem with model, as it doesnt imports to studio ;-;

I did not add flipping Folder, mb

I am so tired my brain isn’t corresponding to its right mind.

LoadingGui (New).rbxm (12.9 KB)

Yeah lol, got this problem. Gimme 10 mins to see whats wrong with it

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Thank you, please don’t rush threw this you do have time :sweat_smile:

Found it! In PlayerView script delete this line of code(line 54):

UserInputService.MouseIconEnabled = false

Have a good day! :wink:

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yooo thank you so much bro, very much appreciated!

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